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What are platform scales?

Platform scales consist of a large steel platform, fitted with high capacity loadcells, for weighing large or heavy goods - particularly palletised goods. The platform is connected to an indicator which displays the weight reading.

Marsden’s diverse range of durable, easy to use digital platform scales come in a choice of sizes, graduations and capacities up to 5 tonnes. They are commonly used in factories, warehouses and distribution centres and goods are loaded onto the platform with a forklift. However, ramps can be purchased so that the scales can be used with pallet trucks. Alternatively, platform scales can be purchased as drive thru scales.

What are weighbeams?

Weighbeams are long steel beams, which are used to weigh large or abnormally shaped items. The beams are placed the desired distance apart, the item to be weighed placed on the beams, and the indicator connected to the beams then displays the weight.

U frame scales consist of two beams but are connected by a crossmember fitted with a handle for portability. U frames are designed specifically for weighing pallets.

What are the benefits of platform scales, weighbeams and U frames?

Platform scales are Marsden’s most popular industrial weighing scales. They are available in high capacities and either as mild steel platforms, or, for harsher environments where the scale may get wet, stainless steel.

Every option in our range provides strength, durability and convenience, because pallets or large boxes can be quickly and simply placed on the platform and weighed. For greater convenience, platform scales can be purchased with ramps (or can be purchased as a low profile platform scale with ramps as a drive thru scale). This means pallet trucks can be rolled onto the scale so that a pallet can be weighed.

Platform scales can be purchased with capacities upto 5 tonnes and, along with weighbeams and U frames, can be purchased as non approved or Trade Approved scales.

Weighbeams and U frame scales are a portable alternative. Weighbeams and U frames can be taken to the item to be weighed rather than the other way around, with wheels and handles making it quick and easy to move them to where they are needed. Weighbeams and U frames can also be stored away when not in use.

What are Trade Approved scales?

Trade Approved scales are weighing scales that have been approved for obtaining the weight of an item to determine its price.

It is a legal requirement to use Trade Approved scales if the application falls into any of these categories: 1. Determination of mass for commercial transactions 2. Determination of mass for the calculation of a toll, tariff, tax, bonus, penalty, remuneration, indemnity or similar type of payment 3. Determination of mass for the application of laws or regulations; expert opinion given in court proceedings 4. Determination of price on the basis of mass for the purposes of direct sales to the public and the making-up of pre-packages.

Weights & Measures legislation has required the use of Trade Approved scales in trading for over a century, and is there to protect the customer as well as the seller. It ensures that the correct price for an item or items is quoted when that price has been based on the weight reading.

Where can I find out more?

Whatever your need - Marsden can supply it for you. If you need a mild steel or stainless steel platform scale, weighbeams or a U frame, but can’t see what you’re looking for in this category, speak to our team.

As well as our off-the-shelf industrial scales – which will usually arrive with you next-day when ordered before 1pm – our UK factory can manufacture bespoke weighing scales.

Call the Marsden team on 01709 364296 or contact us here.

Where can I find out more?

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