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What is a body composition scale?

A body composition scale is a weighing scale that provides a calculation of body health based on a number of metrics. The scale will provide a weight reading, usually BMI as well, and then readings such as Fat Mass, Total Body Water content and the amount of fat in your body shown as a percentage.

In the case of Marsden body composition scales, readings provided are Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Total Body Water (TBW), Fat Free Mass (FFM), Fat Mass (FM), Body Fat Percentage, Weight and BMI.

How does a body composition scale work?

Marsden body composition scales use biometrical impedance analysis to calculate the readings. A safe and very small electrical current flows through the body from the base of the scale. Electrical current flows through water, fat and muscle mass at different speeds, and the scale measures this speed to calculate how a body is composed of these elements.

BMI is also measured by our body composition scales, and there are two ways the scales can measure BMI. Choose an optional automatic height measure and the height will automatically appear on the scale’s display and calculate BMI using this. If you have a body composition scale without a height measure, or with a manual/digital height measure, you can enter height using the full numeric keypad. The scale will then calculate BMI.

How accurate are body composition scales?

Marsden body composition scales were developed with help from Hull York Medical school. Hull York Medical School undertook all of the clinical research underlying the algorithm and compared it to DEXA, the ‘gold standard’ of body composition measurement. Their research found that the Marsden scale measurement was within 3% of DEXA, whereas a comparable body composition scale by a competitor was within around 6% of DEXA.

Most of our body composition scales are Class III Approved and MDD Approved for precision accuracy in medical weighing, with exception of the MA601 which is a body composition scale tailored to be used in non-medical environments such as personal training facilities and gyms.

What does Class III Approved and MDD Approved mean?

In the UK, the NAWI (Non Automatic Weighing Instruments) Directive on medical weighing states that for the “determination of mass in the practice of medicine for weighing patients for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment” a Class III Approved scale must be used.

The use of Class III Approved scales in a medical environment is now necessity across the EU.

A scale being approved means that it has been checked and verified to ensure they fall within a certain set of parameters. The extensive testing that Class III Approved scales are subject to is not carried out on standard scales, meaning a Class III Approved scale should provide greater reliability and repeatability (i.e consistent weight results).

The Medical Devices Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC) is one of three directives that cover all medical equipment. This directive covers equipment that is intended to be used to diagnose, monitor or treat patients. The Medical Devices Directive is enforced within the UK by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Although MDD Approval on weighing scales is not a necessity in the UK, most Marsden medical scales have been certified MDD Approved.

Why should I choose a Marsden body composition scale?

The scales on this page offer the best value for money you are likely to find, taking into account their accuracy, reliability and price tag, plus the fact that they are Class III Approved and MDD Approved.

The Marsden MBF-6000 and Marsden MBF-6010 Body Composition Scales are available with a printer, which provides all the body composition information, along with date and time, in the form of a print-out Both body fat scales are available without the printer - however we recommend, in order to get the full benefit of what these scales provide, that they are purchased with a printer.

As a portable medical scale, the MBF-6000 is the perfect professional body composition scale for personal trainers, fitness coaches and travelling consultants. The MBF-6010 is ideal for clinicians and physiotherapists - and with an optional coin box, pharmacies and health centres can earn a revenue from this multi-functional medical column scale.

We also offer the Charder MA601 Advanced Body Composition Analyser. This is our most sophisticated body composition scale, which uses 3 frequencies to provide over 40 body health readings.

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