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Why do you need a carry case?

A carry case is a simple and easy way to transport a portable medical weighing scale. If you’re using weighing equipment in the community, a carry case or rucksack is recommended. Carry cases and rucksacks come in all shapes and sizes to compliment your medical scale. Marsden carry cases and rucksacks are suitable for baby scales, floor scales, wheelchair weigh beams and hoist weighing scales.

How do I know which carry case to choose?

Marsden’s carry cases are built to size for specific Marsden products.

The CC-310 is made for the M-310 handheld baby scale.

The CC-400 Carry Case is suitable for Marsden baby scales, the M-300, M-400 and M-410. A rucksack is also available for the Marsden M-300 and M-400 baby scales, the RK-400.

For the M-420, M-425, M-430 and M-510 Portable Floor Scales, the CC-420 Carry Case is ideal. For the Marsden M-530 choose the CC-530, click here.

To transport your hoist weighing scales, carry cases are available for the M-600 and M-605 hoist weighing attachments.

The CC-610 is ideal for wheelchair weigh beams like the Marsden M-610 - a high capacity, lightweight weigh beam scale which is easy to set up.

Why would I need spare parts and accessories?

Marsden provides a range of spare parts and accessories for your medical weighing scales to make weighing processes more convenient, and so that your scales last longer.

In most cases, medical scales in hospitals, GP surgeries and clinics are used daily, which is why Marsden medical scales are robustly built and easy to use. However, when weighing scales are being used this regularly, parts such as adaptors and battery packs may need to be replaced after an extended period of time. If that happens, you can find the parts you need on this page.

The accessories on this page are suitable for most Marsden medical scales. The printers are compatible with the scales listed at the bottom this page. The 903 trolley is designed for use with baby scales, particularly the M-300, M-400 and M-410.

The remote display can be used with the Marsden M-420 and M-430 floor scales. We also list a replacement hook and sling for the M-310 Baby Scale on this page.

Where should I find out more?

We recommend you contact our team before purchasing spare parts and accessories if you are unsure. We particularly recommend speaking to our team if you are ordering battery packs or adaptors to ensure you are ordering the correct items for your scales.

Speak to the Marsden team on 01709 364296 or contact us here.

Where can I find out more?

Contact us to find out more information about Marsden baby scales

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