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What is a Trade Approved scale?

A Trade Approved scale is a weighing scale that is approved for use when an item is being priced based on its weight. In many countries, including the UK, Trade Approved weighing scales must by law be used for this purpose.

A Trade Approved scale undergoes far more testing than a non approved scale – in fact, during type approval testing, the scale will undergo a huge number of tests for accuracy and reliability in weighing.

Trade Approved scales may also be referred to as verified scales, legal for trade scales and stamped scales. Trade Approved scales carry an ‘M’ (for ‘metrology’) logo on their dataplate.

Why must a Trade Approved scale be used?

Weights & Measures legislation has required the use of Trade Approved scales in trading for over a century. The legislation, which today is the Weights & Measures Act 1985, is in place to protect the customer as well as the seller. It ensures that the correct price for an item or items is quoted when that price has been based on the weight reading.

It also means that all scales used for such purposes are all tested to the same standard so that there should be no discrepancy between readings should two different scales be used to weigh the same item to determine its price.

Where can I find out more?

If you are unsure whether or not you need to use a Trade Approved scale, speak to the Marsden team. We are able to advise on whether you should be using stamped scales, and we can also direct you to the most appropriate scales for your application. You can speak to us on 01709 364296.

Where can I find out more?

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