Our Sustainability Pledge

Our Sustainability Pledge

Marsden is the UK’s leading manufacturer of medical, industrial and veterinary weighing scales. At the forefront of medical innovation and weighing technologies: Marsden have been pioneers in progressive thinking for over 90 years.

Here at Marsden we understand that in order to combat the current climate crisis, we all have to do our part to reduce our ecological footprint.

We have developed this document after a period of reflection, internal analysis and further learning.

As a team we recognise that this is not a final document which is set in stone. Our aim is to continue to grow and look for ways to make further improvement in our sustainability journey.

Our Products

Here at Marsden we understand our increased responsibility to ensure our products and raw materials are ethically and sustainably sourced.

All of the products in the Marsden range comply with the WEEE Directive, RoHS Directive and REACH Regulations. These previously mentioned Regulations and Directives restrict the use of hazardous substances. In order to comply with these Directives and Regulations, a company is required to complete registration, assessment, licensing and restriction of restriction of chemicals.

As of 2021, almost all products in the Marsden range are 100% recyclable. If a weighing device is beyond economical repair, we can take the apparatus out of service and the parts will either be professionally reconditioned or ethically disposed of or recylced.

As well as being provided with EC Directive 2006/66/EC batteries as standard, all Marsden weighing devices are fitted with advanced technology as standard to reduce energy consumption. We have fully customisable modes, to suit the requirements of the user, which help to decrease energy usage.

In regard to packaging, we are constantly testing and implementing new processes to eliminate the use of single use plastic in our packaging and replace it with a sustainable alternative. We label all of our current packaging to clearly show our customers which elements can be recycled. All packaging will be regularly audited to ensure that waste is minimum and our items are received efficiently and sustainably.

Our Premises

Marsden is the owner of a number of premises and it has been our mission over the past number of years to reduce the size of our eclogical footprint.

All Marsden buildings are modern constructions which are thermally insulated in accordance with the latest insulation requirements. This enables Marsden premises to regulate temperature efficiently, eliminating the requirement to overuse heating and cooling seasons throughout the year.

However, where heating and cooling systems are required, we have state-of-the-art installations. Radiators and air conditioning units are fitted centrally to ensure that temperature is evenly distributed for optimum heat distribution. The temperature of our premises are also automatically detected and adjustments can be made without human interference. This simple process ensures that excess energy is not consumed, when it is not required.

Lighting across all properties has been upgraded to low power LED consumption. To further decrease our power consumption via lighting, we endevour to upgrade our premises to include motion sensors and timers.

At our manufacturing premises, any unused factory equipment is carefully decommissioned to ensure zero power consumption. We also have modern filtration systems to ensure that fumes from powercoating and welding are sophistically captured and eliminated efficiently.

Throughout all Marsden locations, we have stringent recycling policies. We encourge all departments within the business to be 100% paperless where applicable. We also carry out internal audits to ensure that all goods and materials are disposed of and recycled in the appropriate manner. All of our office equipment is modern and complies with the latest regulations regarding power consumption and all employees are encouraged to turn off devices fully at the end of the working day.

Our Service Department

Marsden has a team of service and maintenance engineers on the roads of the United Kingdom. As a team, we are working hard to reduce the economic impact of our engineers and streamline our processes.

All of our external service and maintenance engineers now drive Euro 6 compliant vehicles. This ensures that all fleet vehicles have a limit to the amount of harmful exhaust emissions produced by petrol or diesel cars. Upon renewal of our vehicles we will look to go with hybrid or full electric vehicles.

To ensure that the carbon footprint is kept to a minimum from the fleet vehicles which we currently have, our internal team use intelligent route mapping systems. This will effectively calculate the most economical route for the engineer to travel whilst monitoring fuel consumption and high congestion areas.

Not only that, but our engineers are 100% paperless and have been for many years. Whereas work used to be printed and reports were manually written by the engineers, all work is now complete on a tablet. This vastly reduces the amount of paper used by the department and it makes it easier for both customer and engineer to keep track of all documentation.

Analysis of our service department is under constant review and we will update our sustainability policy as and when new changes are implemented.

Our Employees

Our mission to be a sustainable company is something that must be implemented not only by the senior management team, but also by every member of the Marsden team.

As part of our induction process for new team members, we share with them our sustainability policy and our aspirations to recude our economical impact. Here we share information on our effort to be 100% paperless, to eliminate the use of single use plastic, etc.

We also have a number of initiatives to try and encourage our members of staff to either cycle to work, carpool with fellow employees or opt for public transport. We will gift employees with Amazon gift vouchers and will contribute towards the cost of public travel and much more!

We understand that here at Marsden, our endevour to become a fully sustainable company is going to be an ongoing journey. For this reason, we encourage all members of staff to make suggestions on how we can improve our sustainable efforts, streamline existing processes and create a harmonious working environment.

Our Suppliers

Here at Marsden, we are not only committed to ensuring that we are sustainable and looking to reduce our ecological footprint, we also look for positive change from our suppliers.

Before we sign up with a new supplier, we ask them to complete a new customer questionnaire, which tells us everything that we need to know about that establishment and if they are somebody that we would be proud to work with.

We recognise that improving our procurement system is an ongoing process and that our suppliers, both large and small, are important factors in our journey to become more sustainable. To do this, we will ensure that we share common goals with our suppliers and that we encourage practices which will have an environmental impact.

Our Promise

We pledge to continually improve our processes where practical. We will ensure to communicate openly as a team and encourage discussions about the next steps in our sustainability journey. We will always act with integrity and ensure that we are making ethical choices. We will obtain ISO:14001 certification in the coming years, which will monitor, support and make recommendations on how we can become a more sustainable company.