Industrial Scales

Industrial Scales

Marsden, a British company, have been manufacturing, supplying and servicing industrial and retail scales since 1926 and have been assessed ISO9001:2015 and Directive 2014/31/EU Declaration of Type Conformity.

Industrial scales encompass a wide selection of scales and applications. Marsden scales are used for weighing paints, food ingredients, fish, sweets, fruit and vegetables, dogs and cats, pallets and roll cages, nuts and bolts, just to name a few applications. 

The scales range from precision intruments weighing to 1mg to 20 tonne crane weighers. We have IP68 rated stainless steel washdown scales all widely used in food and chemical plants; precision bench scales; simple parcel scales and advanced checkweighers. Whatever your requirement we will have a solution for you.

Marsden has its own growing range of Marsden industrial scales and are the UK distributor for Teroaka, Charder, Holi and Jadever.  We manufacture many of our own Industrial Weighing Scales, Platform Scales as well as hanging and Crane Scales.   We love a weighing challenge and always welcome enquiries for bespoke weighing scales.

Our nationwide team of experienced and Qualified Service Engineers can service or repair all scales and we can offer approval, testing and calibration.  We have a free of charge industrial scale support line available Monday until Friday.

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