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What is a precision balance scale?

A precision scale or analytical balance is a highly precise weighing scale, usually with low capacities and extreme accuracy, with sub-milligram increments. These precision scales are used to weigh very small or lightweight items or substances, and are commonly used to weigh paint pigment, tablets for medication and jewellery.

What can Shimadzu precision scales be used for?

The Shimadzu Electronic Balance Scales available from Marsden are perfect for precision weighing of very small amounts. Analytical balances are particularly popular with paint and chemical companies, for weighing out pigments and minute quantities of chemical ingredients.

The precision scales below allow you to measure capacities in the sub-milligram range, so if it’s essential that your quantities are absolutely exact - you can rely on a Shimadzu balance.

The balance scales above include features like casing to protect the weighing platform from external factors like dust and wind, and automatic calibration.

Most of our Shimadzu precision scales are available in non-verified on verified (either Class I or Class II Approved), form.

Where can I find out more?

If you need any help or guidance with choosing the right precision balance scale for your needs, please call us on 01709 364296.

Where can I find out more?

Contact us to find out more information about Marsden baby scales

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