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5 Reasons to Purchase The VT-250 Veterinary Consulting Table

Marsden VT-250 - 5 Reasons To Purchase

In March, we launched the VT-250 Veterinary Consulting Table. Prior to the launch of this device, we were contacted by a longstanding customer that asked us to quote for our best-selling V-250 Large Veterinary Scale to be built into a table for their consulting room. After fulfilling their requirements, the team here at Marsden questioned why we had not done this sooner. From there, we worked with our internal innovations team and designed the VT-250 Veterinary Consulting Table as you know it today.

Customer feedback has been invaluable to the success of the VT-250 and in this blog post, we are going to share with you 5 of the main reasons why our customers continue to purchase and promote the latest addition to our veterinary range.

Space saving design

Traditionally, veterinary surgeries have a large weighing scale in the reception of their practice, which is ideal for dogs and other animals which need a larger platform. Then, within the consulting room you will find a tabletop weighing scale, similar to our Marsden V-22 which can be used on all medium to small animals. By opting for the VT-250 as your consulting room table, you can remove you tabletop device and optimise the counter space in your room.

Reduced stress on the animal

Many animals when they visit the veterinary surgery suffer stress. It is a new and for the majority of animals, it is an unknown environment. The VT-250 helps to reduce stress on the animal as it cuts down on the additional and unnecessary weighing the animal on a secondary device. Animals will be completely unaware that during their consultation a secondary diagnosis measure is being obtained.

Time effective

Weighing an animal on the VT-250 Veterinary Consulting Table cuts a step out of an existing process. Instead of moving an animal to a separate weighing station, the reading can be accurately and easily obtained during the general examination. Not only does it reduce stress as mentioned above, it also cuts down on time taken to operate a separate device and get the animal situated on a new weighing platform.

Easy for staff to operate

To ensure that the device is simple and easy to use, it features from our standard veterinary indicator. Due to our veterinary scales being well adopted in surgeries up and down the country, we are confident that all staff members will be able to use this device with ease. It also has Hold and Tare features to ensure that you are able to safely and quickly capture an accurate weight. However, should you have any questions about the operation of the device, please contact our technical support department.

Robust construction for long life

The VT-250 is constructed of high-quality steel, ensuring that the device can withstand many years of careful use. Similar to all weighing scales within the Marsden range, if they are regularly serviced and maintained, they can be used in high traffic areas and retain their high degree of accuracy. The VT-250 can comfortably handle the odd knock by an over excited canine in the consulting room.

If you would like more information on the Marsden VT-250 Veterinary Consulting Table, visit the page on our website and check out our range of supporting downloads. Alternatively, if you have any questions, speak to a member of the Marsden team by emailing or click the web chat icon.

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