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Buyer’s guide: Baby weighing scales for using at home

Buyer’s guide: Baby scales for the home

To make sure your baby is healthy and growing as it should, it is recommended he or she is weighed once a month for their first six months.

A baby can be weighed in a medical practice as part of procedure – but sometimes weighing a baby in your home can provide more peace of mind.

Marsden is a leading provider of baby scales for the home and for hospitals, Gp surgeries and clinics – so, if you are a concerned parent wanting a scale for weighing your baby, you’ll find what you need in our range. This buyers’ guide can help you choose the right one for you.

What do all baby scales for the home have in common

All Marsden home baby scales are lightweight and battery powered – so they are easy to transport and can be used anywhere.

As you would expect from a company which has supplied professional weighing scales to the NHS for the last 45 years, our range is easy to use, reliable and highly accurate.

For small babies

With a 20kg capacity, the BAS-200 is ideal for weighing small babies. It is a highly accurate baby scale, weighing in increments to the nearest 5g.

As your child grows, the tray can be removed to reveal a weighing platform which older children can stand on. The Tare function on the scale can remove unwanted weight, such as a blanket or a towel. You can track changes in the child’s weight easily using memory recall, and the scale is also unit switchable for weighing in kg or lb.

For growing babies

The BAS-250 is ideal for larger babies – with a capacity of 25kg. This scale includes a built-in height measure, for you to monitor changes to their height as they grow.

A functional and practical scale, it includes a Tare function, memory recall and Units button – for you to switch between kg and lb. The LCD display means readings are bright and clear.

For easy tracking of height

The BAS-100HM features an adjustable height measure to provide an accurate reading of the baby’s height. Simply slide the measure so it touches the tip of the baby’s head.

The scale is highly accurate for weight, too. It weighs in 5g increments and is suitable for babies who weigh up to 20kg. The BAS-100HM is powered by 4x AA batteries, providing 40 hours’ continuous use – and weighing just 2.5kg it is lightweight enough to be taken anywhere.

For medical precision

While it isn’t essential, using a weighing scale that offers the same precision accuracy as the weighing scale your GP or midwife uses means even better tracking of your baby’s weight.

The M-300 is a big-seller to GP surgeries, midwives, health visitors and hospitals. It is Class III Approved, which means it is accurate and reliable enough to be used in a medical environment. Its super accuracy of 2g has also made it popular with lactation consultants.

With Picostrain technology, the M-300’s battery power will last 600 hours - and with just three buttons operation couldn’t be easier.

For more information on the importance of baby weighing, read this blog post. Or for more information on any baby scale, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.