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Buyer's Guide: Body Composition Scales

Buyers' Guide: Body Composition Scales

Body composition scales are a key piece of equipment for any healthcare provider, gym or sports centre or just a dedicated fitness fanatic. By simply standing on these scales, you can generate a complete picture of your body’s profile.

We have two Marsden brand body composition scales in our range - and even though they all generate similar results they also have different features that set them apart from one another.

Portable or fixed?

The first thing to consider is how you will use your body composition scale.

The MBF-6000 is the only portable body composition scale in our range.

If you’re going to need your body composition scale in different locations - say, for example, if you’re a travelling personal trainer - we recommend the MBF-6000. This is a Class III and MDD approved body comp scale, and provides readings for basal metabolic rate (BMR), total body water (TBW), fat free mass (FFM), fat mass (FM), body fat percentage, weight and BMI.

If your body composition scale is going to be used in a fixed location, then you have two options.

The MBF-6010 is a column scale, which allows for a height measure to be fitted, which can help when calculating BMI.

Alternatively the Charder MA601 has the most measurements in our range and uses three frequencies for its analysis.

Do you need to keep a record of results?

All of our body composition scales mentioned come with a printer as standard. The Charder MA601 has an additional feature where users can input a personal code to save their user. These users can then be accessed each time and the print out will display a comparison to the previous results for most measurements.

What information do you need?

The MBF scales provide all your readings for basal metabolic rate (BMR), total body water (TBW), fat free mass (FFM), fat mass (FM), body fat percentage, weight and BMI.

The MA601 is an advanced body composition scale and comes with a much wider range of measurements. These include Total Body Water (TBW), Muscle Mass (MM), Protein Mass (PM), Extracellular Water (ECW), Intracellular Water (ICW), Skeletal Muscle (SM), Metabolic Age (AGEM), Visceral Fat Level, and more.

For a detailed guide to every measurement provided by our body composition scales, please read this blog post.

Sports club, pharmacy or GP?

Both of the MBF body composition scales are Class III Approved - which means they’re suitable for use as medical scales in hospitals, GP surgeries, health centres and pharmacies.

The MA601 is ideal for any gym or fitness club as a way for members to track their body composition. It could even be a way to retain gym members or make some more money.

If you need any help with choosing from our range of body composition scales, please get in touch.