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Buyer's Guide: Marsden Medical Floor Weighing Scales

Buyer's Guide: Medical Floor Scales

With a vast range to choose from, selecting the perfect medical floor scale can be a difficult and often daunting process to undertake.

But with ninety years of experience and expertise within the medical weighing sector, here at Marsden we believe we are best placed to give you all the advice which you may need to make an informed purchasing decision.

The first thing to consider is what the scale will be used for. Marsden caters for anything from GP surgeries to schools and even if your requirements are outside the scope of this blog, Marsden is keen to help point you in the right direction, so please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

For GP Surgeries

When it comes to choosing the ideal medical floor scale, GP’s are typically looking for a product which has good capacity, delivers pinpoint, accurate readings and is lightweight, portable and affordable. As a result much of the Marsden range is suitable for GP surgeries.

The capacity of the scale determines the maximum weight at which the scale can function. GP’s will generally look for a capacity of between 160-250kg, though scales outside this range are chosen on occasions.

Graduation indicates the accuracy at which the information is given to you; the lower the graduation, the finer the precision of the scale. GP’s are keen to seek graduations to the nearest 200g.

GP’s will also benefit if their medical floor scales are lightweight and portable. Any item below 6kg is ideal for GP surgeries, and an optional carry case is also available to assist with transportation for much of the Marsden range.

These factors in mind, whilst also appreciating that GP’s are seeking a durable, low cost scale, we recommend the Marsden M-545. A strong and affordable floor scale with a high 250kg capacity, it is a Class III Approved digital design. Pinpoint accuracy is ensured through 100g, and with options including measuring a patient’s BMI, these medical floor scales have all the applications that any GP would require.

Additionally, the M-530 offers the same features as the M-540 but with a larger base to cater for bariatric patients.

For Hospital Wards

Hospital wards look for a greater capacity than what is expected in GP’s surgeries and typically look for capacities upwards of 250kg. In hospitals, the slightest difference in a patient’s weight can be a matter of life and death, so we advise that graduations of 100g should be the highest that a hospital uses.

Typically, column scales are the most popular choice for hospitals, due to the convenience of a waist-height indicator, and the fact that a portable scale is not always a requirement.

However, for those hospitals that do need the portability of floor scales, we recommend the M-510. This medical floor scale offers a 250kg capacity and 100g graduations and includes a built-in carry handle to ease transportation. Bluetooth connectivity is also available to transfer weight data to a central patient database.

Additionally, the 220kg M-420, with its tap-on feature, robust, lightweight design and 50g divisions, is a popular choice for hospital wards.

For Bariatric Patients

Bariatric and geriatric patients ideally want to benefit from a scale with a larger capacity and more spacious platform with increased dimensions. A capacity of upwards of 250kg is recommended, but suitable medical floor scales within the Marsden range can go up to 500kg to cater for all audiences.

The Marsden M-530 guarantees these attributes, including dimensions of 600mm x 50mm x 390mm. Bluetooth connectivity again makes data transfer easier and an optional carry case is available for easy transportation.

For School Nurses

Facilities for discreet weighing are paramount within the school environment to combat the threat of bullying. Marsden medical floor scales offer two solutions for this issue, with a reverse weight reading option available on the Marsden M-420 and remote display on the M-425. School nurses also seek a low-key, lightweight and portable device which both of these models can achieve, with the weight of the scale just 3kg and optional carry cases available.

A capacity of 220kg is more than enough for school nurses and graduations of 50g provide very accurate readings to assure the operator that pupils are in good care.

For the Telehealth Market

The ever-growing telehealth market caters for patients who can be assessed and monitored within their own home. These scales need to be robust, portable, easy to use and easy to transfer data from it to a remote device.

We recommend the Marsden M-430. A Class III Approved, lightweight and portable scale is a low cost option for organisation’s taking part in the NHS Health Check Scheme.

As this case study shows the M-430 is particularly easy to use, including tap-on features which allow the user to turn on the scale without the need to bend down; as well as automatic hold, tare and BMI. An accuracy to 100g offers more precision than mechanical scales. The LCD display is clear and easy to read and Bluetooth connectivity makes data transfer quick and simple.

Alternatively, for our full range of medical scales click here.

For more information on which scale is right for you, we would love for you to get in touch and we look forward to speaking with you soon.