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Buyer's guide: Paediatric Scales

Buyer's guide: paediatric scales

Paediatric scales are designed for weighing infants. The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has advised that all children between 2 and 18 should be weighed annually.

Weighing children has taken place since the 19th century as weight changes can be an early sign of poor health.

But which medical scales are best for weighing babies and children? This blog post explains. All the scales listed here are Class III Approved, which means they are legal for medical weighing purposes.

High accuracy scales for weighing babies from birth

When the baby is weighed at birth, a low birthweight may indicate they are at risk of complications.

A highly accurate weight scale is an essential when it comes to weighing babies, and the Marsden M-300 displays weight readings to just 2g.This means the smallest changes in weight can be detected, up to the scales 15kg capacity.

The M-300 portable baby scale is popular within GP surgeries and hospitals in the UK, but also overseas, from America to Malawi. It is particularly popular as a scale for lactation consultants. Carolyn Hose, a lactation consultant from Virginia, USA said, “I love the design! It is easy and stable when a baby lays on it, and it is very easy to use. It is also very accurate.”

Baby and toddler scales for GP surgeries

Weighing toddlers is recommended once every three months.

The Marsden M-400 is a versatile scale for baby and toddler weighing. It features a weighing tray which can be removed, revealing a floor scale for children to stand on. It has a 20kg capacity and weighs in precise 5g increments. The M-410 is similar in many weighs, but is suited for weighing up to 50kg - therefore can be used for weighing older children.

The M-700 is a three-in-one baby, toddler and adult scale - perfect for GP surgeries as they only need to invest in one scale. It consists of a handrail, a seat and a baby bowl, which can be removed.

Additionally, last year we highlighted the Marsden M-300 Baby Scale as one of three scales GP surgeries ‘cannot be without’.

Weighing scales for schools

Increasingly, schoolchildren are being weighed every year to prevent obesity - an initiative led by NHS CHAMP and backed by The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

The portable M-425 is the scale of choice for many schools, as it is suitable for weighing children of all ages. The separate indicator ensures weight readings can be kept private and confidential. Plus, it has accuracy to 50g.

Portable scales for midwives and health visitors

The M-310 is a great value sling scale. It is ultra-lightweight and easy to use; perfect for babies up to a year old. It is used extensively by health visitors and midwives, and the optional carry case makes it very portable.

Midwives and health visitors also use the M-300, which weighs just 3kg and is available with a carry case or rucksack. Because this piece of weighing equipment is a one piece unit it is easy to carry around.

For more information on how to weigh children and babies, you can download this free guide.

All Marsden Class III Approved paediatric scales are backed by four year warranty - which is twice the industry standard for medical scales.

For more information on any Marsden scale for weighing babies and children, call Marsden on 01709 364296 or contact us here.