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Buyer's Guide: Portable medical scales

Buyer's Guide: Portable medical scales

Portable medical scales are a convenient way of weighing patients no matter where you are - and for some job roles a portable scale is the only option.

Our range of portable scales do not need a mains connection in order to run. Powered by batteries, they can be used wherever they are needed.

You can browse our range of portable scales by selecting ‘yes’ under ‘Does it need to be portable?’ in our new medical product finder. Find out which portable scale is right for you by reading this blog post.

For district nurses

For weighing wheelchair users in the community a portable scale is ideal. The Marsden M-610 can be packed into a smart carry case and taken to location by the community nurse. The overall dimensions of the scale are suitable for weighing any type of wheelchair.

The Marsden M-420 and Marsden M-430 are portable, easy to use floor scales. They have a reinforced aluminium structure which means they are lightweight yet highly robust. They are identical (220kg capacity, BMI calculation, adjustable levelling feet) apart from their graduations. The M-430 is accurate to 200g, whereas the M-420 is suitable for precise measurements in more critical weighing: 50g accuracy upto 150kg, and 100g thereafter.

For midwives and health visitors

We have a range of portable baby and toddler scales suitable for midwives.

The Marsden M-300 is a popular choice with lactation consultants due to its lightweight build and large clear weight display. The scale is highly accurate to 2g, and it is easy to keep the scale clean and hygienic. Find out more why the M-300 is perfect for lactation consultants here.

Accurate to 10g is the Marsden M-310 Sling Scale. This handheld baby scale is ultra-lightweight and is powered by 6x AAA batteries. An optional carry case is available for easy transportation.

The Marsden M-400 is a portable scale, perfect for weighing babies and toddlers. The scale features a slide on/off weighing pan, which reveals a stand-on platform beneath.

The Marsden M-410 Baby Scale with detachable baby bowl is ideal for health visitors and midwives, and with a capacity of 50kg it is capable of weighing children into their early teens. It is Class III Approved and an optional carry case is available.

For personal trainers and slimming groups

The Marsden MBF-6000 is ideal for personal trainers, providing a range of body composition indicators including muscle mass and body fat percentage. Marsden body composition scales are closer to the DEXA standard than scales by any other manufacturer.

Personal trainers can also use the Marsden M-560 to measure weight and calculate BMI - made easy using the numeric keypad. This premium-quality slimming scale has a built in carry handle for portability, and it can weigh in kg or lb, upto a capacity of 250kg (39st).

Alternatively the Marsden M-565 has a Body Surface Area (BSA) calculation function and also weighs in kg or lb upto 250kg (39st). The remote indicator which features on the M-560 and M-565 is ideal for keeping weight readings discreet, as the display can be faced away from public view. These scales are not Class III Approved - their medically approved equivalents are the Marsden M-510 and Marsden M-545 respectively.

Browse our full range of medical scales here. Choose portable scales using the medical product finder here. For more information on any of our portable scales call 01709 364296 or contact us here.