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Buyer’s Guide: Scales for weighing toddlers

Buyer’s Guide: Scales for weighing toddlers

Weighing toddlers is crucial for monitoring changes in health. An extreme change in weight or being at a weight far from the norm can be a sign of poor health.

As a result, weighing has formed a critical part of the growing up process.

It is recommended that babies are weighed every month for their first six months, then from six months to one year weighing every two months should suffice.

From 12 months onwards weighing of your toddler is recommended once every three months. As part of the National Child Measurement Programme, toddlers are then weighed when they first start school. Currently, children are not then weighed until year six, however NHS CHAMP (Children’s Health and Monitoring Programme) are trying to implement yearly weighing - you can read more here.

But which of Marsden’s scales for weighing toddlers is right for you?

Weighing toddlers at home

By keeping track of your toddlers weight at home, you can track their growth first-hand and assess whether they are a healthy weight - providing you with peace of mind. Our consumer range of baby and toddlers scales are not Class III Approved, therefore providing an affordable weighing solution for non-medical use.

Marsden BAS-200: This one-piece baby and toddler scale is lightweight and portable, it has a 20kg capacity and graduations to 5g. Powered by 4x AA batteries it can be used in any room in the house. A useful feature of the BAS-200 is the removable tray, which when removed reveals a small weighing platform underneath. Toddlers can stand on this to be weighed.

Marsden BAS-250: For weighing up to 25kg, the BAS-250 weighs in accuracies to 10g. Just x2 AAA batteries are needed to power this scale, which is lightweight and portable. It has a memory recall function and can be switched between kg and lb.

Weighing toddlers in schools, hospitals, GP surgeries and clinics

For these types of organisations it is strongly recommended that Class III scales are used. These scales are legal for medical use and provide a highly accurate, repeatable weight reading. Marsden Class III Approved medical scales undergo thousands of hours of stringent tests and are also fully tested prior to despatch from our factory.

Marsden M-400: The M-400 is a versatile scale built for weighing babies and toddlers. The slide on/off tray, once removed, reveals a floor scale for toddlers to stand on. It weighs in precise 5g increments when weighing below 10kg, and has an overall capacity of 20kg.

This scale, and the M-410 (below), is highly robust and comes with a four year warranty. Carry cases are available for transportation.

Marsden M-410: The M-410 shares many qualities of the M-400, but is designed for weighing older children too - with a 50kg capacity. The scale has Tare and Hold functions and is powered by 6x AA batteries.

Marsden M-425: The M-425 is the scale of choice of schools for weighing children of all ages. This scale features a separate indicator which means that the reading is kept private. Its accuracy makes it suitable for checking the weight of toddlers. Like the M-400 and M-410, this scale is highly robust, portable and is covered by a four year warranty.

Browse our full range of Class III Approved baby and toddler scales here. For baby and toddler scales for home use, click here.

For more advice on choosing scales for weighing toddlers, call Marsden on 01709 364296 or contact us here.