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Using Counting Scales for Stock Control

Using Counting Scales for Stock Control

Keeping track of your inventory or stock count can prove difficult, especially if you stock small parts and pieces. Manually counting your stock or inventory items can be time-consuming, but using counting scales for stock control can make the process quicker and more efficient!

Counting scales are used to count multiple items using the item’s individual weight to determine the quantity that has been placed on the scale.

Why Should You Use a Counting Scale for Stock Control?

There are many benefits to using a counting scale for stock control and counting multiple identical items. Counting hundreds or thousands of small, fiddly items is a tedious task, but a counting scale can help your business to save time that could be better spent.

Using a reliable counting scale can also help you to save on labour costs, and avoid human error, which is likely to occur after a long shift of counting tiny parts. Offering a more efficient process, counting scales allow you to accurately weigh a large number of identical parts and calculate how many of those your business owns.

Our range of digital counting scales at Marsden are therefore ideal for precise parts counting and efficient stock control.

How to Use a Counting Scale

Counting scales offer a precise counting of stock parts, products or inventory items that can help to save time, avoid human error and improve efficiency.

To use a counting scale, simply ensure the scale is on and set at zero. Place an empty container onto the scale platform and press the Tare function.

Then, put a small quantity of the parts into the container and enter this number on the keypad before pressing the Sample button.

The counting scale will then automatically divide the Nett weight number by the quantity entered to calculate the average weight of each item. The scale will also enter the item count into the quantity display.

Add another item to test the counting scale. You should see the quantity number increase on the display. You can now add and count your remaining parts and keep track of your stock control.

How to Choose the Right Counting Scale for Your Business

If you’d like to make stock control and other counting tasks a smoother and more efficient process, then discover how to choose the right counting scale for your business with these three simple steps.

Counting Scale Resolution

Firstly, if you plan to count a large quantity of items of different weights, then you need to calculate the weight of the lightest item. This information will help to determine which counting scale’s resolution will be most appropriate for obtaining a precise and accurate weight reading.

Counting Scale Capacity

You will also need to determine the maximum weight of your items to work out a suitable capacity. To do this, take the average item weight and multiply it by an estimate of the quantity you’ll be placing on the counting scale. For example, if you have 5,000 bolts weighing at 2g then the total weight would be 10kg.

Choose a counting scale with a slightly larger capacity than calculated to ensure it remains fit for purpose if you have any change of inventory or stock.

Counting Scale Graduation

To find a suitable graduation, you can simply half the average piece weight. At Marsden, we sell a range of counting scales from the Jadever JCE Counting Scale with graduations of 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.5g and 1g, to the Marsden DT-JWI Parts Counting Drive Thru Platform Scale designed for large-item counting with graduations of 0.2kg and 0.5kg.

Digital Counting Scales at Marsden

Typically used in factories, warehouses and production facilities, the digital counting scales at Marsden can be applied to a wide range of industries.

There’s no counting job too big for our reliable devices as all of our available Marsden counting scales give digital display resolutions of up to 1/30,000 and internal count resolutions of up to 1/1,000,000!

Ideal for streamlining your parts counting processes, the easy to use Digi DC-788 Counting Scale boasts multiple features and enhanced software for more flexible parts counting and stock control.

We also offer Trade Approved counting scales, which are a legal requirement when the price of an item is based on its weight.

For more information on using counting scales for stock control or how any of our counting scales can help to save your business both time and money, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team of experts on 01709 364 296.

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