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Almost half of emergency admissions to hospital could be avoided

Almost half of emergency admissions to hospital could be avoided

NHS England and the Health Foundation recently found that over 40% of admissions to hospital from care homes could be avoided.

But how do we tackle the problem? The NHS has launched the Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCH) project to improve residents’ health and reduce avoidable emergency admissions.

Research from the project showed that many admissions to hospital were the result of more minor conditions such as urinary tract infections, chest infections and pressure sores.

It is common knowledge that hospitals are not the best place for vulnerable or elderly patients. With increased risk of contracting viruses and mental health implications. Pilots of the project saw a 27% decrease in emergency admissions.

Wendy Preston, RCN Head of Nursing Practice, said: “Nursing staff in care homes want more than anyone to try and prevent the residents they care for from being admitted to hospital as emergencies.

“But, at present, if a care home resident has a fall or develops a urinary tract infection (UTI), particularly out of hours, staff have very few options and are often advised to call an ambulance by NHS 111 or managers.

The ThinkTank believe there has to be a better working relationship GPs, hospitals, community services and care homes and that an improvement in upskilling is necessary to these startling figures.

At Marsden we believe that having the right equipment available is also a necessary factor to providing the right care on site. The ability to administer correct dosages is imperative to exemplary healthcare. We have a range of weighing scales available to help doctors and care providers ascertain an accurate weight quickly and easily.

The Patient Transfer Scale is ideal for use with immobile or very unwell individuals. Not to mention it is compact and easy to store in any care home. Even in the event that emergency admission is necessary, The Patient Transfer Scale can be utilised prior to admission and an accurate weight given to the receiving area immediately.

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