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Essential Weighing Scales for the Food Industry

Essential scales for food manufacturing

Marsden have been a leading supplier of weighing scales to the professional food industry for a vast number of years. During our 95-year history we have developed a detailed knowledge of the food production sector and we are pleased to have a comprehensive range of weighing devices for all applications, conditions and environments.

Whether you require support and guidance, if you have bespoke specifications or even if you would like to service your existing devices, Marsden is the company to partner with. Continue reading below to learn more about weighing within the food processing industry, suitable Marsden devices and what we can do for you.

Why do you need scales for the food industry?

Weighing scales are a pivotal piece of equipment for the professional food sector as they can be used for a wide number of applications. Regardless of whether you are producing, handling, packaging or shipping, Marsden have the weighing devices to suit your requirements. We have food industry scales available which will ensure accuracy and optimise all processes, from start to finish. As well as efficiently gathering, storing, transferring and printing the data. Marsden food weighing scales can reduce waste and increase revenue.

What areas can our food processing scales be used in?

Whether you require an IP rated scale for weighing ingredients. A pallet truck scale for manoeuvring pallets and shipments. Lift-up platform scales for hosing down. Plus many more, we have the right scale to suit your requirements. We have yet to find an environment within the food manufacturing industry that we are unable to provide a suitable weighing device for. To see some of our best-selling weighing scales, continue reading.

Our long history within the food manufacturing industry.

During our 95-year history, we have created firm relationships with many of the largest names within the food manufacturing environment. We have forged this relationship by carrying out free of charge site visits, providing excellent service options and manufacturing hard-wearing weighing devices. We work close with food production companies to identify their specific requirements and provide them with long-lasting and reliable solutions. This paired with our invaluable level of customer service has meant that we have some customers that we have been working alongside for over 30 years!

The weighing scales we recommend for the professional food industry.

Marsden have a broad range of products available, many of which are proven best-sellers to the food manufacturing sector. Our B-100 is an ideal tabletop bench weighing scale, IP68 rated and suitable for the harshest of environments. The PT-400 is a fully stainless-steel pallet truck scale, capable of handling regular use in the harshest of environments. Finally, there is out LP Lift Up Platform Scale, capable of weighing up to 3000kg with in-built hydraulics to ensure the device is a hygienic weighing scale.

Why choose Marsden for food industry scales?

Choose Marsden if you are looking for highly accurate weighing devices, top class customer service and superb aftercare. As a leading provider to British industry over the last 95 years, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the range of Marsden weighing devices. Whether you are looking for weighing devices to weigh ingredients, be washed down, batch weighing, inventory organisation, shipping/logistics and much more, we have the scale for you.

Marsden have an extensive history and during this time, we have developed relationships with many of the large food manufacturing companies throughout the United Kingdom. Marsden are known for high quality devices, our top-quality service options and our bespoke solutions. If you would like more information on how Marsden weighing devices can integrate into your food manufacturing environment, please do contact us. Alternatively, all Marsden scales are available for purchase online with next day delivery as standard.

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