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How can weighing scales help to reduce food waste?

How can weighing scales help to reduce food waste?

Food waste is costing the global economy $1 trillion - and with almost a billion people going to bed hungry every night, more can be done to reduce food waste.

Across the supply chain food waste can be reduced - so from production to households, we can all contribute.

Our latest white paper tells you how food waste can be saved - with weighing scales a key part of the process.

Download it free below.

Why is food being wasted?

Sociology - The structure and attitudes of households is a key factor behind waste. We have busy lifestyles at home, and when people go out to eat there is also a tendency to not finish our meals.

Marketing - More food is wasted when we buy things we don’t need - often special offers are a key part of this.

Lack of knowledge - A lack of knowledge encompasses things from misreading sell-by dates, bad refrigerator management - but also includes a lack of knowledge about the true value of food being lost.

What can be done?

By weighing food waste you can gain a true understanding of the quantity of food which is being thrown away.

Once you have weighed your waste over time, you can see for yourself where corrective action can be made. Then, once you’ve made changes you can weigh again to monitor progress.

At Marsden, one of our scales has recently been involved in a pilot where food waste was weighed. The data was then sent to an app, where it could be transferred into pounds (£). That way households could see the financial cost of waste, first hand.

Our best selling bench scale, the Marsden B-100, was chosen for the project, due to it being fully waterproof, easy to use and easy to clean.

Alternatively, for reducing waste in food processing, the Marsden HSS with the I-200 is a popular choice - with IP67 rating and a 304 food grade platter.

For weighing heavier industrial food waste bins, consider a platform scale like the Marsden mild steel platform scale. This platform scale has capacities to 3000kg.

You may find it easier to monitor food waste using an Excel spreadsheet, as an alternative to the form which is provided with the guide. Our data transfer solutions mean that weight data can be transferred directly from the scale to a computer.

For more information about any scales in our range, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

Download Reducing Food Waste With A Weighing Scale