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5 ways freight companies can improve efficiency

5 ways freight companies can improve efficiency

An incorrect reading can be detrimental to a freight companies’ overall efficiencies. It means they could incur costs, penalties and delays in the shipping process.

But how can freight companies and how, when and where can weighing play a part? Our latest white paper explains.

Legal for trade weighing

A Trade Approved scale can be an invaluable asset to freight companies.

Trade Approved accuracy is required if the weighing is part of a business transaction where goods are bought or sold based on weight.

For more information read our FAQ’s here.

SOLAS: a quick guide

Since 2016, the IMO’s International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) legislation has been in force - which means shippers have a responsibility to provide a verified proof of weight, you will need to be a registered, verified weigher.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Weigh the goods before it’s loaded onto the container, and adding this to the container’s tare weight
  2. Weigh the container once it has been loaded, subtracting the tare weight of the container

Choosing the right scale

Freight companies use weighing scales to weigh pallets or larger items. An accurate weight reading ensures the package weight is the same as the value that the customer is billed for - an incorrect value can lead to poor customer service and an increase in complaints.

By using a scale with data transfer capability, the weight reading can be saved and stored - great for tracking shipments, expenditure and showing compliance where required.

Mild Steel Weigh Beams: These weigh beams can be made Trade Approved with the Di-620P-APP indicator, so that they are legal for selling goods based on weight. The printer built-into the indicator makes printing a hard copy of weight readings easy to comply with SOLAS.

AP-200: This is our most sophisticated vehicle weigher, featuring a touchscreen indicator and wireless pads which sit beneath each wheel of the vehicle. The indicator is housed in a carry case for portability and has an in-built printer to create a hard copy of weight readings.

Download the white paper