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How Do Zoos Weigh Their Animals?

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Zoos are truly amazing places. We are incredibly fortunate here in the UK that there are over 300 registered zoos, packed with animals from all over the world. That means that you are never far away from exotic breeds of animals from lions, tigers and bears!

Every registered zoo here in the UK has a duty of care to the animals under their care. One way for a zoo to monitor the health and well-being of the animals in their establishment is to measure and weigh the animals on a regular basis. Each year, every registered zoo must perform an audit of all of their species at the zoo. The information from the audit will then be recorded in a database so that zoos around the world can compare information. The more data which is provided and uploaded, helps other zoos learn about the species and understand if the animals are normal and healthy.

The species within a zoo can vary massively. As every animal must be weighed, from Tarantulas to African Elephants, a wide variety of weighing scales must be available. After working closely with a number of zoos for many years, we understand that there are a number of factors to consider when selecting a weighing scale:

  • Dimensions - Can the animal fit onto the scale?

  • Capacity - Does the scale have the capability to weigh an animal of that size?

  • Accuracy - Is the scale accurate enough for the animal which I am weighing?

  • Location - Where is the scale going to be positioned? Will it be on a bench? The floor?

  • Waterproof - Does the scale need an IP rating? Will the scale get wet?

  • Buttons - Is the display ok to have raised buttons? Specific animals may pick them.

Listed below are some of our bestselling weighing scales that we supply to zoos all over the UK. All of the scales mentioned are robust items that can withstand heavy use within a zoo environment and they are suitable for a wide range of species and environment.

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