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How Do Pallet Scales Work?

How Do Pallet Scales Work?

Pallet scales, like Marsden’s pallet truck scales and platform scales, weigh beams and U frames, are weighing scales designed to weigh palletised goods.

They’re used in a wide range of industries and help to improve efficiency in warehouses, factories and depots - in fact, any location that needs to quickly and accurately check the weight of a pallet.

Using pallet scales effectively can help to ensure that delivery vehicles are not overloaded, goods or products are weighed correctly to determine a price, and the palletised goods are in line with any necessary laws and legislation.

What Is a Pallet Truck Scale?

Pallet scales can include heavy duty industrial scales such as platform scales, weigh beams, drive-thrus and U-frame scales, all of which are capable of weighing palletised goods.

Pallet truck scales are also a type of pallet weighing scale. These are pump trucks with an integrated weighing scale, allowing users to lift, move and weigh pallets in one process. In contrast to other high capacity industrial platform scales, pallet truck scales are actually able to be moved to the load that requires weighing.

Compared to static scales such as platform scales, pallet truck scales do not provide the same level of accuracy. They are also not available as Trade Approved scales - but in terms of speeding up the process of weighing and moving items, these scales prove much more efficient especially for small businesses.

Take a look at this video demonstrating a pallet truck scale vs a platform scale and exploring which method of weighing is the quickest.

How Do Pallet Truck Scales Work?

Pallet truck scales are often used for weighing pallets before they are loaded onto a vehicle. They are also ideal for efficiently moving and weighing pallets around a warehouse, factory, depot or small business and can be used as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to a forklift truck and platform scale.

To weigh a pallet using a pallet truck scale, you must first take the scale to the load. Position the forks under the pallet as you would with a standard pallet truck, and lift the pallet. Once the pallet is clear of the ground the display will show an accurate weight for the palletised goods.

For even greater accuracy of the goods only, the weight of the pallet can be removed from the display with the Tare function.

The pallet truck scales in our Marsden range are all powered by a rechargeable battery. Our IP-rated pallet scales are designed for use in more demanding environments and are efficient outside even in damp or wet conditions.

Another useful feature of Marsden pallet truck scales is the Accumulation function which allows the user to add the weight of several pallets together, resulting in a total goods weight for the loaded vehicle.

Several pallet truck scales, such as the Marsden PT-200. include a built-in printer for creating a printed record of weight measurements. This data can then be used for internal records or for shipment documentation.

What Is a U Frame Pallet Scale?

Platform scales are great for weighing palletised goods accurately, but if you need portability and you are short on space, choose a U frame pallet scale.

U frame pallet scales are portable weighing scales, consisting of two weigh beams joined together - basically forming a ‘U’ shape. The height and width of U frame scales make them perfect for weighing pallets, and makes them perfect for loading using a pump truck.

U frame pallet scales offer more capacity and graduation options than pallet truck scales, and due to their size they’re easy to store away when not in use. A handle on the end, and a wheel on each beam means they can be taken to the pallet that needs to be weighed, too.

Our U frames can also be paired with Trade Approved indicators, meaning they can be used for weighing when buying or selling based on weight, or when an accurate weight check is required for legal compliance.

How Do U Frame Pallet Scales Work?

To weigh a pallet using a U frame scale, take your pallet to the scale using a pump truck. Position the forks of the pump truck between the two beams of the U frame, ensuring the palate is high enough to clear the beams.

Gently lower the pallet onto the scale, and when the pallet is fully lowered and resting on the scale the indicator will display the weight.

The Tare function can be used to remove the weight of the pallet and show the weight of the goods only on the indicator.

Some U-Frame pallet scales include an Accumulation function, meaning you can totalise several pallet weights should you need the total weight of goods being loaded onto a vehicle.

If you need the portability of U-Frame pallet scales, but need a scale that’s even easier to store - or has the flexibility to weigh goods larger than a standard pallet - choose weigh beams.

Take a look at this video demonstrating how our U-Frame Scale with theI-400-APP indicator works and can contribute to improving efficiency in a warehouse or factory workplace when the price of goods depends on weight.

If you need the portability of U frame pallet scales, but need a scale that’s even easier to store - or has the flexibility to weigh goods larger than a standard pallet - choose weigh beams like this entry level weigh beams scale.

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