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How to Make Money using Body Composition Scales

How to Make Money using Body Composition Scales

A body composition scale can be a pricey investment. Many gyms buy a BIA scale to increase member retention, but did you know you can also use a body composition scale to make some more money for your business?

We’re going to list 3 ways you can use body composition scales to increase your bottom line and maximise your return on investment.

As we covered in this guide, just having a body composition scale can increase your members and improve your member retention rate.

These points are additional ways you can improve your return on investment.

1. Charge Members to Use the Body Composition Scale

Some gym members will be willing to pay a set amount every month or bi-monthly to measure themselves on your body composition scale. This is especially true for our medically-approved MBF-6000 and MBF-6010, which are so accurate that they can be used in hospitals.

This will help them to see where to focus their training and, if your body composition comes with a printer or provides historical data, track their improvement.

By charging a standard £10 for every session, you can quickly start profiting off your scale and build an additional revenue stream for your business.

If we assume that you could carry out two body composition sessions a day, then these would be your results with our various body composition scales.

Body Composition Scale Profit from Tests

By midway through month 2, you will have already turned enough income to start turning a profit on our MBF series.

The MA601 is a little bit more expensive, because it’s an advanced body composition analyser. But even with the MA601, you’ll start making a profit in month 6 and these scales will last for years.

1.1 Offer a Feedback Session

In addition to offering an option to use the body composition scale you could also offer a feedback session either for free or for an optional extra.

Some of the members who come to your gym may look at their body composition print out and have no idea what it means. To add even more value to your service, you can offer this session where you explain to your members what each value means and you could even give them some tips for improving.

This is a personal-tailored solution that they won’t get anywhere else and it will encourage them to stay at your gym for the entirety of their weight loss journey.

2. Offer Body Composition Scale Classes

Another way to utilise your body composition scale is to offer body segment-specific classes, for example core or legs.

These classes can run over a number of weeks, or even months, and you can charge a set price for anyone who wants to participate. At the start of the course, you can offer a body composition test and you can follow up with another at the end.

By doing it this way, you are doing targeted work on the specific body part and, when they then do the second test, they should see an improvement in their body composition results.

This will motivate them to continue their membership, as you’re adding value to your gym, and continue working out to improve their health and body composition. It also sets you apart from other gyms that can’t offer the same thing.

Assuming you charge £20 for a month of classes and the two tests and ten people sign up a month, you can breakeven in 4 months, if you choose the MBF-6000 or MBF-6010. If you choose the Charder MA601 then it will take 19 months to start making a profit.

Body Composition Scale Profit from Classes
3. Get a Sponsorship Deal

Before purchasing a body composition scale, try reaching out to the company in question first. Some companies may be willing to offer you a discounted scale in return for some images or videos, case studies or other materials that can be utilised for promotional material.

This means you can improve your business for a reduced cost, reach a profit faster and for little further work on your part.

Many businesses will be willing to discuss this option for the additional press it will offer them so it’s always worth trying, especially if you have an outgoing personality and strong social media following.

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