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Marsden donates a Patient Transfer Scale to the NHS

Marsden donates a Patient Transfer Scale to the NHS

The NHS has been going above and beyond this year to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone across the UK is thankful for all of their hard work and dedication during this difficult time.

That's why everyone at here at Marsden has decided to give something back. So, we've donated a Patient Transfer Scale to one lucky ward.

The Patient Transfer Scale (PTS) is a revolutionary transfer board with a weighing scale built into it. It was invented by a nurse called Gillian Taylor, when she saw an opportunity to improve on current procedures. Healthcare staff can use the PTS in place of a PAT slide to quickly and easily acquire an accurate weight for immobile patients.

Find out more about the PTS here.

Mark Holdaway, Chief Executive Officer at Marsden, said: “The Marsden team was truly inspired by the tireless work of our NHS on the frontline and we wanted to show our support.”

In late August, the marketing team launched the competition on the Marsden Facebook page. All participants had to do to be entered was comment the maximum capacity of the PTS on the post.

We had an overwhelming response, but it was Rebecca Lawrence from the Radiology department at Maidstone and Tunbridge NHS who was successful.

She was delighted and had this to say, “I was surprised and delighted to have won a Marsden PTS for Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

The Facebook competition was advertised on the Trust intranet. I entered and didn’t think I’d ever hear from Marsden again!”

But she did.

Gillian Taylor, the inventor, travelled down to Kent herself to present the Patient Transfer Scale to Rebecca.

“What a lovely thing to be able to do, to be able to give something back to the NHS!" Gillian said." It was a pleasure to meet everyone and what a lovely warm welcome we received. Well done Rebecca!”

Images of the giveaway can be viewed below:

Despite winning the Patient Transfer Scale, Rebecca thought that the scale would be best placed in a department where there is a higher requirement for weighing immobile patients.

So, she gifted the PTS to the Acute Frailty Ward (AFU). There it will give the elderly and vulnerable patients a much more secure and pleasant experience of being weighed, and save time for the extremely busy staff.

The entire Marsden team are pleased to have been able to give something back to the NHS during this troubling time and we hope that the Acute Frailty Ward are happy with their PTS.

To find out more about the PTS click here. Or if you’d like to book a demo for your team then get in touch.

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