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Marsden Launches The VT-250 Veterinary Consulting Table

Marsden VT-250 Launch

Marsden have been a leading supplier of veterinary scales to the industry for over 50 years. Our devices are reliable and heavy duty, making them ideal for use with animals at home, in the surgery, at zoos or even on farms. During this long relationship, we have developed close ties with a number of customers, and we have worked with them to develop this new device. Veterinary surgeries have been calling out for a Veterinary Consulting Table with an In-Built Weighing Scale and we were more than willing to meet the requitements of our customers.

Why we brought this scale to market?

The VT-250 was brought to market due to the high demand from our customers. As one of the UKs leading manufacturers of veterinary weighing scales, a number of our customers have requested that we created a raised device for use in the consulting room. Following a period of internal development, we are proud to bring to market the VT-250 to answer the continuous outpouring of requests from our loyal customers.

How the VT-250 is constructed?

The VT-250 is a veterinary surgery weighing scale, constructed with longevity in mind. We understand that equipment for veterinary surgery comes under high volumes of regular use, which is why this stainless-steel construction scale has been designed to stand the test of time. This device features our best-selling V-250 Large Vet Scale, a proven design which is heavy duty and incredibly reliable. Pair that with our British made stainless steel frame, and you have a winning combination.

How the device can be used?

The main design objective for the VT-250 is for the device to be used within a veterinary surgery. This weighing scale can replace the tradition consulting table to encapsulate weighing and evaluation in one simple piece of equipment. However, the possibilities are endless, breeders, trainers and groomers would all reap the benefits of the VT-250 Veterinary Table.

The response from our customers.

Since we initially launched this device on the Marsden website a number of weeks ago, the response from our customers has been fantastic. Many people wonder why we didn’t launch something like this sooner, which is often the case when we bring new products to market. We cannot wait to start seeing this device in veterinary surgeries throughout the UK and gaining feedback from our valuable customers.

The VT-250 is now available to purchase directly through the Marsden website. At only £775, this is a highly competitive product at a fantastic price. We have already been overwhelmed by the response to this new device within the Marsden range. The purpose of the VT-250 is to make the work of the veterinary practitioner easier to weigh animals before/during consultations. Featuring our V-250 weighing scale, this is a hardy weighing scale, ideal for regular use within busy environments.

If you would like to learn more about the VT-250, click here.