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Marsden Support the New PDSA Nottingham Branch

Marsden Support PDSA

A couple of months ago, we received a message from the PDSA. The team informed us that they were in the process of constructing a new branch in Nottingham and they wanted our support with the veterinary weighing equipment. As we are a company of animal lovers, our standard 20% charity discount simply didn’t seem enough. Instead, we decided to kit the surgery out completely with all crucial weighing equipment to weigh domestic animals large and small.

When the construction of the new Nottingham Wellbeing PDSA site was complete, the Marsden team were invited down to check out the new premises before it was open for business. With a car ladened with weighing scales, we made the short journey down the M1 to check out the new state of the art facility.

As we unloaded the vehicle alongside the PDSA staff, their gratitude was evident. Not only did we provide enough of our best-selling V-22 Countertop Veterinary Scales for each consulting room. We also supplied the new facility with our vet surgery favourite, the V-250 Large Veterinary Scale, which is ideal for weighing domestic animals of all shapes and sizes. Plus, due to the heavy-duty construction of the scale, it can comfortably withstand years of regular use in high traffic environments such as waiting areas.

During our tour of the new PDSA Wellbeing Nottingham branch it was apparent that the new building has been constructed with the care of the animal at the forefront of the process. Everything from the waiting room, the consulting rooms, the stalls and the surgery is state of the art, considered and fit for purpose.

We are incredibly grateful to have been asked to work with the PDSA in this instance. The work that they do for animals in England is admirable and we look forward to working with them again in the future. We wish them the best of luck with the opening of the Nottingham Wellbeing branch.

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