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What Is a Pallet Truck Scale and Why Do You Need One?

What is a pallet truck scale and why do you need one?

A pallet truck scale is one key piece of equipment that every warehouse or factory should not be without. It is a way to keep a check on exactly what is leaving your warehouse easily – by weighing pallets quickly, without having to load them onto a platform scale.

A pallet truck scale is a pallet truck fitted with loadcells and an indicator. This means, by placing a pallet onto the truck, the weight can be taken. Pallets can literally be weighed as they are moved, by the pallet truck, from a to b!

With the help of a pallet truck scale you can protect your brand’s reputation. Here are some reasons why you need a pallet truck scale - and underneath, an overview of the Marsden pallet truck scales range.

Stay within the law

With more laws and legislations being released regarding shipping and weights, weighing your pallets is one way of protecting yourself. Carrier companies have to know how much load is on their transport. The easiest way to do this is by weighing before loading. For example before sending a pallet out it could be weighed using the Marsden PT-200 and a printout could be produced that can then be attached to the pallet. The carrier company can then see this as proof it is has been weighed, that is has been legally loaded, and will help to avoid any overloading.

Check incoming loads

A pump truck scale can be used to check incoming pallets. By requesting the weight of the pallet from the company who is sending it, then weighing upon receiving it using a Marsden PT-100 you can check that the weight given corresponds to the pallet. Then rather than signing and claiming that everything is there, you can dispute the fact if there is a discrepancy in the weight.

Verify outgoing loads

Most companies have all weights of their products on electronic spreadsheets and can track how much a pallet weighs as it is being assembled. Popping a pallet truck scale under a pallet is a quick and easy way to do a final check of the weight and make sure everything is on the pallet as it should be. That way, you can correct any mistakes made by the human eye.

Plus - businesses are not oblivious to the fact that things can go missing on route to your customers or other businesses when you have despatched them. By recording the weight using a pallet truck scale such as the PT-200 upon departure it shows that everything was there initially and your company is not at fault. Therefore any customers or other businesses will know you upheld your side of the job and will help maintain your reputation.

Marsden PT-100 Pallet Truck Scale

The Marsden PT-100 pallet truck scale has a huge capacity of 2000kg and is accurate down to 500g. The pump truck has standard fork lengths and widths making them ideally built to weigh euro pallets. This pallet truck scale has a Marsden I-200 indicator which has a bright red LED display for clear visibility making it perfect for long distances and in dark places. This scale also has a full range tare meaning that the weight of the pallet can be deducted from the actual weight of the load. The scale runs from off a rechargeable battery that gives over 70 hours of continuous use.

Marsden PT-200 Pallet Truck Scale with Inbuilt Printer

The Marsden PT-200 pallet truck is very similar to the above PT-100, but this scale benefits from an inbuilt printer. This gives a printed receipt of the of net weight, gross weight and tare weight.

Marsden PT-400 Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scale

The Marsden PT-400 is a stainless steel pallet truck scale with a high capacity of 2000kg and accurate to 500g. This is also similar to the PT-100 but is entirely of stainless steel construction. It has 4 x IP68 rated load cells and the I-200 indicator has an IP67 rating, making it suitable to be in humid conditions and allows the scale to be washed down.