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Why a pallet truck scale can improve warehouse efficiency

Why a pallet truck scale can improve warehouse efficiency

Pallet truck scales combine a pump truck with a high capacity weighing scale.

A popular choice for factories and warehouses, they allow palletised goods to be weighed quickly and easily.

“We are currently in the process of renovating our warehouse space and looking at ways of improving efficiencies at the same time,” Arville told Marsden in a recent case study - and a pallet truck scale will help them to achieve this.

Pallet truck scales are highly convenient, adaptable and are suitable for a wide range of applications - making weighing easier and more cost efficient. Here is how a pallet truck scale can improve warehouse efficiency.

Saves space

“We have decided to remove the floor scales to free up space and have looked into alternative methods for stock keeping,” Tom Williamson from Arville told Marsden. “It was suggested to me by an old friend to consider a weighing scales fixture for a forklift truck and it was through researching this that I came across the first examples of pallet trucks with built in scales.”

Unlike platform scales which are a more permanent fixture in the warehouse, a pallet truck scale is fitted with wheels so can be moved to save on space.


Palletised goods can be moved via pallet truck scale from its location to despatch areas. A weight reading can be taken before goods are loaded onto the vehicle.

“We use the PT-500 for moving pallets of products to and from production areas and the built-in scale allows us to update stock records as the product is returned to the warehouse,” said Tom.

Further, the handle and wheels ease moving the scale around tight spaces.


The Marsden PT-200 and Marsden PT-600 are both fitted with built-in printers for creating a hard copy of weight readings.

Tim Murrow from BIL Group said “We needed a scale for weighing pallets prior to dispatch ensuring the weight entered onto our system is correct and they are not overweight.

“The PT-200 looked to be the best option for the business with the added bonus of a printer,” continued Tim. “Being able to print a copy of the weight for our records is the most useful feature of the scale for us.”

Saves time

By meaning goods can be easily manouvered and weighed simultaneously, loading time per batch is reduced.

Tim added, “The scale has meant for smoother process within our dispatch team, reducing the number of processes and time taken to move and weigh the pallet.”

To emphasise the time savings, we raced a pallet truck scale against a traditional platform scale. You can see the results in this video.

Affordable and accurate

Marsden pallet truck scales are accurate to the nearest 500g.

Tom at Arville added, “We needed a scale that would weigh in increments of 0.5kg. There were cheaper options available but none that would give a weight as accurate as we needed. This immediately ruled out the majority of other options,” continued Tom.

“The PT-500 has helped improve efficiencies and save space within our warehouse.”

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