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Pallet truck weighing scales vs platform scales (Video)

Pallet truck scales v platform scales - which is faster?

An effective weighing solution allows you to get your goods to the next stage of the production process or out of the door sooner.

At Marsden, we’ve been supplying industrial weighing scales since 1926 to industries from freight services to food manufacturing, so we know exactly what works best for any given process.

And - as we’ve long since realised that ‘time is money’ - we wanted to make sure you have a scale which allows you to weigh your goods as quickly as possible. So we’ve ‘raced’ two of our leading industrial scales to find out which will make the biggest time difference to your business - and now you can watch the video.

Introducing the scales we’ve used
Mild Steel Platform Scale with the I-400 Indicator

Choose this platform scale with the I-400 indicator for a bright red LED display and multiple functions. The platform is constructed from mild steel and has a 5mm durbar top plate. It’s powered by rechargeable battery, providing 50 hours of use.

The PT-500

This pallet truck scale is ideal for weighing euro pallets. It has a 2000kg capacity and low profile, mild steel forks. It’s also part of the new I-400 range, with a big, bright LED weight display, and features like Counting and Accumulation. For those who prefer not to weigh in metric, it can be easily switched from kg to lb.

But which is faster?

We timed how long it takes for goods to be transported from the warehouse to dispatch areas - and weighed in the process. Marsden’s Paul McCaig was on hand to referee the race, which went down to the wire.

You can watch the video below, and see which weighing solution is fastest: Platform scales or pallet truck scales?

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