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3 reasons why an industrial platform scale can improve workplace productivity

3 reasons why an industrial platform scale can improve workplace productivity

A platform scale is an integral part of many workplaces because it performs much needed quality control.

Without them, many processes are far harder - from checking outgoing goods are the correct quantities, to ensuring productivity is high on the production lines of your factory.

Fortunately, with affordable, easy to use options available, there is no reason why platform scales can’t be integrated wherever they are required.

Platform scales are perfect for heavy duty weighing and Marsden’s platform scales are strong and durable with a choice of capacities which means they can be tailored to your needs.

Here are the 3 reasons why an industrial platform scale improves workplace productivity:

1. Ensures quality control

One of the biggest benefits of introducing an accurate platform scale to your business is enhancing quality control protocols. Also, in many industries there are possible health risks that can be minimised with scaling and reliable production. Using platform weighing scales in processing is key for businesses to meet regulations, especially when needing to create exact measurements of products for the public. Marsden offers a full range of Trade Approved platform scales.

2. Eases workflow

Utilising Marsden platform scales enables an organisation to become more efficient by helping to save time, eliminate wastage and is ultimately a better use of human resources; thus saving money and aiding organisation growth. Marsden’s platform scales are user-friendly and come with a user guide to help the operator get started with ease. Also, if you choose a pit mounted platform scale) the scale can be left in situ when not in use, meaning that you do not need to store the scale away which takes time and manpower.

3. Peace of mind

The key to a productive workplace is reliable equipment, which is why we always recommend taking out a Service & Calibration contract. Our expert engineers can repair and re-calibrate your scales so that they stay accurate and in working order. Service contracts are available for all Marsden platform scales, giving you complete peace of mind.

Choosing the right industrial platform scale

For our full range of platform scales, click here.

There's a Marsden platform scale for just about every need. Here are a few for some of the most popular applications.

Marsden Mild Steel Platform Scale with I-400 Indicator

This platform scale is a mild steel, heavy duty platform scale with a user-friendly LED display and easy to use features to make weighing palletised goods easier. Features include Tare, Hold and Accumulation. This popular entry-level platform scale is ideal for use in factory and warehouse areas.

Marsden Mild Steel Platform Scale with I-100-APP

The Marsden platform scale is a low priced Trade Approved mild steel platform scale. The scale is perfect for palletised weighing goods in factories, warehouses and distribution centres when you are pricing goods based on weight.

Marsden Drive Thru Scale with JWI indicator

This drive thru is a Marsden heavy duty parts counting scale. The scale is ideal for counting bulk shipments of items. This drive through counting scale is commonly used in despatch areas and for inventory control, where it can be easily loaded using a pallet truck.

Marsden Stainless Steel Platform Scale with JIK indicator

This is an IP68 waterproof platform scale with a multifunctional indicator. This scale has all the benefits of standard platform scales, but with the added bonus of being suitable for dusty, damp or wet environments. Plus, the JIK indicator, with a range of accessories available, can be used to send weight data to a PC, send labels to a printer and switch feeds to the scale on and off.

For more information on any of our platform scales call 01709 364296, contact us here or use our web chat facility.