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Better Quality Control With A Counting Scale (White Paper)

Better Quality Control With A Counting Scale: Our new white paper

Ever wished you could speed up the process of counting out multiple items in your business? Well, you can - with counting scales. In our latest white paper, we explain how.

Better Quality Control With A Counting Scale explains how a counting scale works, and how it can speed up processes within your business.

Manual counting is always prone to human error - however a counting scale counts identical items based on their weight. So, pop your items on a counting scale and it will tot up the total for you - almost instantly!

You should choose your counting scale according to the parts you need to count. For example, a higher accuracy counting scale will notice the slightest differences in weight between parts, so if the parts you count could vary in size slightly, it’s better to use a less accurate counting scale. That way, the piece count will be more accurate overall as the slight weight differences won’t affect the scale’s reading.

Counting scales are ideal for incoming shipments, to check loads are complete, for quality control areas, to check quantities, and for outgoing goods - where completeness of packages and shipments needs to be monitored.

Counting scales are great for inventory control, too; when it comes to needing to do a stock-take, you can speed up the process by using a scale rather than counting by hand.

There are a number of counting scales available in the Marsden range, all with slightly different specifications. We’ve recently published a video of one of them - the JCE - showing how it can count pieces and then transfer the count data to a spreadsheet on a PC.

To watch the video, go to the Jadever JCE page. For help with choosing the right counting scale for your needs, get in touch with us here.

To download the Better Quality Control With A Counting Scale white paper, click here