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Why Recording the Weights of Zoo Animals Is Important

Why recording the weights of zoo animals is important (Video)

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a leading animal tourism attraction in the United Kingdom with close to half a million annual visitors.

Staff recently undertook a week-long audit to weigh animals across the park. 400 animals from 70 different species were weighed as part of a national campaign to monitor the nation’s wildlife park and zoo populations.

From tiger cubs to endangered rhinos, weighing the animals provided on-site vets with a comprehensive picture of each and every animal’s weight – and you can find out more by watching the video below.

Ensure all animals are in good health

In the video you’ll see playful Amur tiger cubs Hector, Harley and Hope, giving staff at the park the run around before having their details logged. Black Rhinos, Hodari and Dayo, were also weighed as part of the process.

The park’s animal collection manager, Simon Marsh, said: “Getting the vital statistics of so many varied species takes a log of planning and ingenuity but the staff are experts at doing it quickly and efficiently.

“The audit is a great opportunity to take stock of what conservation means as we focus on all the animals and the importance of making sure their species are with us into the future.”

There is a need for all zoos to complete regular weigh-ins in order to update the Zoological Information Management System - a comprehensive database used by zookeepers worldwide. Recording animal weights on a worldwide database is vital so that zoos can compare important information about thousands of endangered species.

Keeping a track of animal weights is also vital because it ensures animals are growing at a healthy weight - and they’re not being under-fed or over-fed, just like household pets.

Veterinary scales suitable for zoos or weighing livestock

At Marsden, our veterinary scales have been used to weigh animals in zoos and other attractions – and are also used to weigh farmland animals.

In our recent case study, we spoke to textile artist, Sallie Tyszko who uses her V-150 veterinary scale to weigh sheep and goats.

“I needed a scale that was big enough for weighing all of our animals,” she told us; the V-150 appealed due to the scale’s high 300kg capacity.

“It’s remarkable how much you can learn from weighing the sheep and the goats,” she continued. “It is especially useful while they are growing or when they are old, to make sure they are getting enough nutrition.”

Introducing our veterinary range

Whatever animal you are weighing it is likely we can supply a veterinary scale for you - with a high quality range, approved by UK vets.

If you need help choosing the right weighing scale for zoos, click here. Our animal scales range includes:

The Marsden V-150: One of our most popular veterinary scales, the V-150 has a choice of capacities and accuracies. The large weighing platform is suitable for weighing most animals, and thanks to fitted handles and wheels it can be easily moved around. This animal scale is currently on offer.

The Marsden V-250: This super-sized veterinary scale is constructed from stainless steel, which means the scale can be easily cleaned via wash down. Plus, at only 50mm high, the animals is easy for the animals to access.

A more bespoke solution: For weighing even larger animals that are above our veterinary scale capacities, it is still worth getting in touch with us. Let us know the size of animal you are wanting to weigh by clicking here and we will see what we can do – or call 01709 364296.