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How to save money by choosing the right weighing scale

Save money by choosing the right weighing scale

Choosing the right weighing scale here can save businesses time and money, but how do you know whether you are choosing the most cost-effective weighing solution?

Even if weighing in your industry is a legal requirement, it doesn’t need to be an expensive solution.

In fact, it can improve your processes and cut your costs if you know what you are looking for.

Use our three steps to save your business money by choosing the right weighing scale – then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

1. Choose a scale which fits your processes

An effective way to save money is to choose a scale which fits into your processes – rather than adds an extra step.

If goods are being transported into and out of your factory – as is the case with many freight companies – axle weigh pads are the ideal solution and can be positioned in the perfect location for you. The weight can then be gathered when your lorry drives over the pads.

More information about axle weigh pads can be found here.

If you are already using a crane to carry goods or use as part of the loading processes, a crane scale can be added. It means that when the load is lifted, the weight data can be gathered and stored. Plus crane scales are remote controlled and have a large, bright, clear display to view the reading from a distance.

More information about crane scales can be found here.

Or, for weighing goods via fork truck, consider a pallet truck scale which can be used to carry the goods across the premises and be used to weigh at the same time.

More information on pallet truck scales can be found here.

2. Choose a scale which meets your accuracy and capacity needs

Considering your capacity and accuracy needs is another vital step. You may need to be accurate to a specific amount so ensure these graduations are to the amount you need.

Also consider the maximum capacity that your scale will be used to weigh, so that you are prepared for every eventuality. This will help you avoid having to buy additional weighing scales in the future.

3. Consider a data transfer solution

Storing information is vital for your business to make decisions.

Instead of weight data being recorded by hand, it can save employee time to invest in a data transfer solution where data can be transferred instantly to a spreadsheet or database via u-key. More information on Marsden’s data transfer solutions can be found here.

To comply with SOLAS regulations, a certified copy of weight data must be obtained from a verified weigher. For verified weights the scale must be Trade Approved, so it's recommended to choose our weigh beams with the DI-620P-APP indicator. This scale is also fully portable and can be transported in the cab of the lorry.

For help in finding exactly the scale you need, you can call our friendly team on 01709 364296 or contact us here.