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Why Should Scrap Metal Dealers Use Trade Approved Scales?

Why should scrap metal dealers use Trade Approved scales?

As a scrap metal dealer, using Trade Approved equipment is vital in order to meet legislation.

Scrap metal can be lucrative business - and while most scrap merchants and metal recycling companies are fair in their assessments of scraps, there are three variables which aren’t clear to the eye, but clearly determine the price that your customers will pay:

  • Grading - the type and grade of the metal being recycled
  • Weight - the weight (kg) of the metal being scrapped
  • Price per kilo - the current price being paid for the specific grade of metal

Why do you need a Trade Approved Solution?

As you will see from our FAQ section - one question which our customer service team is regularly faced with is ‘Why do I need a Trade Approved scale?’.

The easiest way to think about it is: If money is going to change hands as a result of the reading on the weighing scale, legally, the weighing scale must be Trade Approved.

And as scrap metal dealers are pricing their metals based on their weight, as well as grade - then a Trade Approved solution is necessary. If the weight isn’t being used in the buying/selling process, then you don’t need a Trade Approved scale.

This page gives you an idea of the relevant regulations and orders set out by Trading Standards.

Trade Approved scales are more accurate

Trade Approved scales are also subject to extra testing - and are subsequently more accurate than scales that aren’t Trade Approved. For more information on Trade Approved weighing, click here.

Choosing a scale for scrap metal weighing

Platform scales are used for small collections of scraps. The scraps are first sorted and then can be easily placed on the scale and weighed.

The scrap dealer needs a scale which is accurate, durable and easy to use - and Marsden platform scales fit the bill - made from high quality components, highly accurate loadcells and simple functions - with readings displayed on a clear, digital display.

Our stainless steel platform scale is the scale of choice for many scrap metal dealers, with heavy duty construction and Trade Approved status. The scale is also IP65 rated for use in humid, damp or dusty environments.

Marsden Non-Approved Stainless Steel Platform Scale
Marsden Non-Approved Stainless Steel Platform Scale

A lower cost option, without IP rating, is our mild steel weigh beams. These are ideal for weighing any size of metal - as they can be positioned the desired distance apart, meaning it can be adjusted to your weighing needs.

Marsden also provide solutions with data transfer capability. Choose the DI-620P-APP with your scale for a Trade Approved indicator. It also features an RS-232 port, meaning data from the scale can be transferred to a computer for your recordkeeping. A printer is also built-in, so that the data can be printed and stored for future reference.

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