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What Scales do Slimming Groups Use?

What scales do slimming groups use?

The Marsden team is asked this question all the time. Sometimes it’s home users, sometimes it’s consultants with their own slimming groups. People ask because they know slimming groups use accurate, robust scales - and they want the same.

The goods news is that Marsden supplies some of the UK’s leading slimming groups with weighing scales. Here’s what they use and why.

The best scales for slimming groups


For some customers, it is all about price. What are the cheapest scales available? Of course, you get what you pay for, and in the case of scales this is very true. Cheap scales will not give you the accuracy and they won’t give you the repeatability (i.e if you step on the scale twice and the readings are the same).

Most customers, however, will ask ‘how accurate are your scales?’ There are two ways to interpret accuracy.

Accuracy can mean graduations - the nearest measurement the scale will weigh to. Accuracy can also mean whether the scale provides a ‘true’ reading or not.

With regards graduations, the majority of slimming groups will be happy with a scale with 200g graduations - this is enough to detect notable changes in a slimming group member’s weight from week to week. 100g accuracy is available, too, but at this accuracy you’re moving into the realms of medical scales used in hospitals.

With regards to graduations, again it depends on how much you spend. The Marsden M-560, is a scale based on our Class III Approved M-510 medical scale. The M-510 is designed for regular use in hospitals and GP surgeries, providing repeatable weight readings to a high degree of accuracy, month after month, year after year.

In summary, if you are needing a weighing scale that’s going to be used every week by slimming group members, and you would prefer for them to step onto your scale, get weighed, and then step on a scale for their GP and the reading to be the same, invest in the M-560 or M-565.

As it happens, it is the M-560 that is used by more slimming groups than any other in the Marsden range.


It’s probably unlikely that you will need to measure slimming group members’ BMI. But if you do, most Marsden scales available have this feature.

In most cases it’s easy to use - but chances are you’ll be mostly concerned with the intuitiveness of a weighing scale’ when it comes to simply getting a weight reading.

All of our scales for slimming groups are easy to switch and get an accurate weight reading. All display the weight reading on a clear, digital display, and all have a Hold function to stabilise the weight reading and allow you or the group member to make a record (mental or otherwise!) of how much they weigh.

Most slimming groups tend to go for scales with rechargeable batteries - again, like the M-560 - as this means simply plugging the scale in to charge every once in a while. The rechargeable battery in the M-560 will last 40 hours between charges.

The M-560 also benefits from two screens - meaning, if you do wish to calculate BMI, you can view weight and BMI at the same time. The indicator on both the M-560 and M-565 is separate too - meaning reading a person’s weight can be more descrete.


Ultimately, the more you spend on a slimming scale, the more you can really on it for accuracy and usability.

The Marsden range of medical scales is full of options for high accuracy, dependable weighing. We are the leading supplier of medical scales to the NHS, so our scales have to deliver reliable results.

To that end, the M-560 and M-565 are extremely well priced weighing scales given that they are based on medically approved scales for hospitals and GPs. Alternatively, you might want to consider a scale like the M-110 - it’s not portable, but it has the indicator mounted on a column and boasts the same weight indicator as the M-560.

Marsden Class III Approved medical scales (and the M-560 and M-565) benefit from the Marsden 4 Year Warranty.

A longer warranty provides greater peace of mind, and, given that it is the UK’s most popular slimming scale built for precision accuracy, we would recommend you choose the M-560 for slimming groups. It is, after all, the UK’s favourite slimming scale.

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