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5 Benefits of Temperature Screening for Businesses

5 Benefits of Temperature Screening for Businesses

A high temperature is one of the first symptoms of coronavirus, which is experienced by almost everyone with the disease.

By keeping track of this symptom using the Marsden Digital Infrared Thermometer or the Marsden Automatic Wall Mounted Thermometer as an early detection tool, you can protect your workforce, customers and business.

With companies like Walmart, Cadburys and Amazon already introducing employee temperature checks, is this the next big Coronavirus preventive measure? To find out the benefits of doing this, read on.

1. Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

The main reason to do this, of course, is to protect the health and safety of your employees and customers. Many businesses around the world have decreased or stopped their operations to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. But, by regularly testing the temperature of all of your employees, including those showing no other symptoms, it’s possible to identify someone suffering from the virus before it can be further spread.

While this may limit how quickly your employees can enter the workplace, it will enable you to keep your employees safe and also keep your company running smoothly. By checking the temperature of your employees regularly, you can monitor the potential disruption of coronavirus to your workplace and stay on top of it.

Our new automatic thermometer means that you can check your employees’ temperature at the door, without needing to clean the handheld thermometer between uses or losing an employee to door duty.

2. Increase Efficiency

Some of the biggest responses to Coronavirus are shrinking workforces and reducing production; this is resulting in many companies taking a huge financial hit. However, by monitoring your employees' temperatures in the workplace, you can reduce the risk for your employees, while enabling your business to continue operating. If every employee is tested regularly, those who have a high temperature could be quarantined, whereas those who don’t can continue working with confidence.

To speed up entry to the workplace and enable you to check your employees’ temperature efficiently, our new automatic thermometer can also check the temperature of your employees in seconds. This will reduce the need for queueing and help you get your employees into the workplace quickly and effectively, without needing to worry about coronavirus.

3. Happier Staff

Although this may seem arbitrary, staff may be happier to work if they know that their employer is doing more to protect them in the workplace. This could also result in them being more loyal to the company. Furthermore, they may also feel more comfortable working, if they know that anyone who possesses symptoms of the virus isn’t working. Many of your employees may have family at home and knowing that they aren’t endangering them by coming to work will put them at ease and boost morale.

4. Cost Saving Benefits

As stated above, Coronavirus is very costly to businesses. Not only is it causing reduced production, but with additional hiring costs for replacing sick staff and potential legal costs, Coronaivrus is devastating many businesses.

By using a thermometer to identify Coronavirus symptoms in your employees, you can prevent the potential spread of the virus among your staff, and reduce rehiring costs. Further, by taking more steps to protect your employees, you’re also protecting yourself from harmful lawsuits against negligence and wrongful death, of which Walmart has received two.

5. Improve your company image

One final benefit of carrying out thermometer checks on employees, is that it shows that you are working hard to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This places your company as one that cares about its employees, as it is taking steps to protect its workforce. In the future, when things return to normal, people will remember this and will hold your company in a higher regard.

Solutions for easy temperature screening

The Marsden T-210 offers contactless, high accuracy instead readings (within 0.5 seconds). It measures temperature in °C or °F. The measuring distance is between 5-10cm and can be powered by the mains or by rechargable battery.

Watch the video below to see how it works:

The Marsden T-100 also offers easy temperature screening. Medical Devices Directive (MDD) Approved digital infrared thermometer makes checking a person's temperature easy. Check for signs of virus in seconds: Simply point the non contact thermometer at the person who's temperature you wish to take, and press the button on the handle.

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