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The Marsden Sustainability Policy Update

Marsden Sustainability Policy Update

Marsden have been pioneers in progressive thinking for over 95 years. We are at the forefront of medical innovation and weighing technologies and with that comes responsibility. We understand that our business has a potential effect on the environment and are therefore committed to improving sustainability where we have the influence to do so.

We tasked the team here at Marsden to work collaboratively to recognise our current positioning, where changes need to be made and how far we have come in relation to sustainability. Once we were able to identify these things, we put a plan in place to ensure that Marsden continues to develop into a truly sustainable company.

As a company, we will continue to improve our processes where feasible with the end goal of being a carbon neutral company in the near future. Throughout this entire process we want to share what we have identified and the changes that we are making. Not only does this clearly communicate to our customers the efforts that we are making, but it will also show other companies small changes which can be made.

Our sustainability page can be found here.

To download our sustainability document, click here.