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Why Our New Wall Mounted Thermometer Is Perfect for Businesses With Large Workforces

Why Our New Wall Mounted Thermometer Is Perfect for Businesses With Large Workforces

As we’ve discussed in our previous article, temperature screening measures can be a highly effective early detection tool, which can save costs and boost morale within a business. Over the past month, the UK has seen airports, ports and office complexes install this technology.

For many businesses, the expensive temperature screening cameras used by these businesses aren’t feasible. That’s why we’ve introduced the Marsden T-210.

Thanks to its ability to provide instant, contactless, digital, infrared temperature readings, the Marsden T-210 wall mounted thermometer is a highly-effective Coronavirus prevention measure, especially for businesses with large workforces.

Quicker Temperature Screening

While the Marsden T-100 handheld thermometer is suitable for smaller businesses, companies with larger workforces may want to consider an automatic thermometer like the Marsden T-210. Given that some sites are suggesting that employers compensate employees for time spent queuing due to temperature screening, it’s vital that as little time as possible is spent queuing.

Taking temperature using a handheld thermometer is naturally slower than using an automatic thermometer; by switching, businesses can save valuable time when employees arrive at the workplace, after lunch and at the end of the day when employees are leaving. If there are substantial queues at exits and entrances during peak times, employees may be late to work or may even have to leave early.

Unmanned Temperature Checks

By choosing an automatic thermometer, businesses are also negating the need to have an attendant standing at the station and doing the temperature checks for hours on end. For large companies that have multiple entrances, this labour cost quickly multiplies and it’s unnecessary, when solutions like the T-210 exist.

Contactless Temperature Checks

Mount the T-210 on a wall, or on a stand (it has fixings for both) and it becomes a completely contactless thermometer. Reducing contact, of course, reduces the chances of COVID19 transmission.

This is vital for the health and safety of staff within large businesses. If transmission takes place it could spread between many people, quickly.

Being able to either wall mount or stand mount this thermometer also means it can be placed anywhere in your workplace. Although, ideally you’ll want the T-210 positioned at entrances where employees enter the building.

Instant Fever Alerts

The T-210 Thermometer will display temperature on its LED screen within 0.5 seconds of scanning an employee. Even better, if their temperature is high, the unit will flash red and a continuous ‘beep’ will sound.

This means that those with a potential fever can be detected and other staff can be alerted instantly.

The readings are also incredibly accurate, with an accuracy of ± 0.2ºC. With a precise thermometer, businesses reduce the likelihood of sending home someone who is actually well enough to work. This helps a business become more efficient and again improves health and safety measures.

With many businesses starting to reopen, it’s imperative that managers start considering the decision to implement temperature screening technology as a way to boost morale and save staff time and costs.

T-210 Thermometer: Specification

Read more about the Marsden T-210 Automatic Wall Mounted Thermometer, and order yours, here.

  • Contactless, high accuracy infrared thermometer
  • Instant readings (within 0.5 seconds)
  • Measures temperature in °C or °F
  • High accuracy (34ºC - 45ºC ± 0.2ºC)
  • Infrared measurement range 0ºC - 50ºC
  • Measuring distance: 5-10cm
  • Mains or rechargeable battery-powered
  • Auto power-off

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