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You may be breaking the law by not using a Trade Approved Scale (White paper)

You may be breaking the law by not using a Trade Approved Scale (White paper)

Your business could be fined if unsuitable scales are being used for the purposes of weighing items to determine a price.

Legally, Trade Approved scales must be used when weighing in commercial transactions – and inappropriate use could mean a large penalty and the scale could be forfeited.

Marsden has worked with Trading Standards on our latest white paper, Trade Approved Scales: Why you should be using them, and you can download the white paper further down this blog post.

What penalties can your business incur without Trade Approved scales?

Marsden enlisted the help of a number of Trading Standards professionals and other weighing sector experts, to provide you with a highly informative guide.

Craig Fisher from Sheffield Trading Standards was one of those stressing the importance of proper use:

“The fines can be level 3 – which means in excess of £1000 – for matters in relation to inappropriate use, manner of erection of equipment etc.

“But for all other matters it would be an unlimited fine. If its fraud in relation to the use of Weights and Measures equipment, it would be an unlimited fine and up to 6 months imprisonment.”

What are Trade Approved scales?

Trade Approved scales have been fully tested and verified to a specific standard in order to provide high accuracy weight readings. This protects both the buyer and the seller. The intensive and thorough testing of scales that are legal for trade ensures that two different Trade Approved scales weighing the same item, give the same weight.

Class III Approved weighing scales (as they are also known) must be used in certain situations in accordance with the NAWI directive.

Marsden’s Trade Approved scales

Mild Steel Platform: This platform scale can be paired with the I-100-APP indicator for pricing goods based on weight - ideal for heavy duty weighing in factories and warehouses. Capacities are available up to 3000kg, and it has a bright, clear weight display.

Jadever JWE: This small bench scale provides highly accurate readings - to 0.1g. The hi/lo alarm means meeting set weight parameters is easy.

HSS Bench Scale: This is an IP67 rated stainless steel bench scale, perfect for worktop use. It has a choice of capacities, up to 150kg. The JIK indicator can also be connected to a printer or PC, meaning a copy of weight results can be kept.

Digi DS-781: For shops and market stalls, this Trade Approved retail scale is highly accurate, easy to use and is battery powered for portability.

Read more about Trade Approved scales here. For more information on Trade Approved weighing scales, call Marsden on 01709 364296 or contact us here.

Download the white paper: Trade Approved Scales: Why you should be using them