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Breweries: Use our guide, make sure your scales are legal

Breweries: Use our guide, make sure your scales are legal

Trade Approved scales are essential if you’re a brewer - if you’re pricing based on weight with scales not legal, you could risk a fine.

Our survey earlier this summer revealed that there wasn’t adequate awareness amongst breweries - 88% of respondents believed there wasn’t enough awareness in the industry with regards weighing laws.

So, we’ve set about helping to increase that awareness and understanding - and here, in one place, is everything you need to know about the weighing scales your brewery should be using. Download it here: A Guide to Trade Approved Scales For Breweries.

When should Trade Approved scales be used?

It is a legal requirement that Trade Approved weighing equipment (which may also be referred to as commercial scales) is used when goods are bought or sold based on their weight.

Trade Approved scales should be used during bottling and keg filling/weighing processes.

Can I be fined for not using Trade Approved scales?

Yes you can. “Inspectors will check the scales to ensure they have the correct markings if they are deemed to be used for trade,” says Craig Fisher of Sheffield Trading Standards.

“The fines can be level 3 (over £1000) for matters in relation to inappropriate use. But for all other matters it would be an unlimited fine. If it is fraud in relation to the use of Weights and Measure equipment, it can mean an unlimited fine and up to 6 months imprisonment.”

Craig adds: “Many breweries rely on flood filling their barrels or kegs, however this would not form an adequate defence to any allegation of short measure.”

Trade Approved scales breweries should be using

The guide includes examples of weighing scales that can be used for Trade Approved purposes. These include the new Marsden B-400 bench scale, an IP67 stainless steel scale ideal for weighing bottles during the bottling process.

There’s also larger scales. For example, our stainless steel drive thrus, which make weighing in bulk much quicker and easier. Breweries should always consider IP-certified scales, too, as these boast greater protection against water and dust, both prevalent in brewery environments.

In all cases, there are hardy, stainless steel scales available which are perfect for the brewery environment. However, for less investment, choose mild steel scales like this floor scale which can be used for weighing mini kegs.

You can see the full range of Marsden Trade Approved scales here. You can also watch a video about the HSS-JIK-APP, a Trade Approved scale ideal for breweries, below.

Speak to the Marsden team here if you need help with choosing the right weighing scales.

Download the PDF here: A Guide to Trade Approved Scales For Breweries