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We Have Partnered with Canine Arthritis Management!

Marsden x Canine Arthritis Management Partnership

We are proud to announce our latest strategic partnership with Canine Arthritis Management!

Here at Marsden, we are a company of animal lovers. This can be easily demonstrated in the work that we do with many different organisations, including Yorkshire Wildlife Park and Battersea to name a few.

When we first spoke to Canine Arthritis Management, we instantly recognised that it was a partnership that we could support and get on board with. Canine Arthritis Management is a veterinary-driven online resource aimed at owners of dogs with arthritis, as well as professionals working in the field of canine welfare and pain management. CAM aims to achieve #YourDogMoreYears by raising awareness of arthritis in dogs, identifying signs to allow for early diagnosis, and advocating for a multi-modal, evidence-based management of the disease.

CAM provides followers with the latest evidence-based approaches for identifying and managing arthritis in dogs, and has a significant online presence via a website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. CAM reaches its audience via regular Facebook posts, advice and support provided via Holly’s Army, and interviews with canine welfare experts (in the areas of veterinary care, orthopedics, behaviour and rehabilitation amongst many others).

Weight management is an essential tool for reducing the symptoms of arthritis. Much like in humans, supporting too much body weight can increase the symptoms of arthritis and cause extra stress to the joints due to inflammation. Through our partnership, we want to explore the various scales that we have in our range, find the ideal application for specific breeds, create useful content and share news and developments.

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