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How to Weigh Containerised Goods (Video Demonstration)

How to Weigh Containerised Goods (Video)

Since last year, we have been documenting the various updates to the 2016 IMO container weighing regulations which come into force on 1st July. You can read our latest update here.

With help from a number of freight companies, we’ve also been working on the best solution for weighing containerised goods so that there is a verified proof of weight when the container reaches the port.

We explained how you can use our DI-620P indicator in a recent blog post, but we’ve now put together a short video so you can see. You can watch it below.

It needed to satisfy certain criteria in order for it to be the right solution for those affected by the container weighing legislation.

Firstly, it needed to be Trade Approved. Containers need to have a verified proof of weight with them when they arrive at port - it’s the responsibility of whoever is listed on the Bill of Ladings to provide this. Only verified weighers can supply a proof of weight (you can register as a verified weigher here, or use a third party who is) and the weighing equipment used must be Trade Approved.

Secondly, it needed to be able to print weighing data. We wanted the solution to be simple and convenient to use, printing the total weight of items loaded into a container. The PB-1200-DI-620P has a built-in printer that prints individual pallet weights, then provides a total weight at the end.

Finally, it needed to be portable. Many of the freight companies that we spoke to highlighted that they often weigh at customers’ premises, so our solution had to fit into a truck cab, and be easy to set up.

So, the PB-1200-DI-620P has two weigh beams with handles, and an indicator that can be powered from the cigarette lighter in the cab. It can be easily packed away in a cab when not in use.

Plus, the PB-1200-DI-620P is intended for use when a container is being loaded - so you can get individual pallet weights and total weight easily. No need to tare off the weight of a container - or start unloading a container if it’s too heavy!

For more information about the PB-1200-DI-620P, or any Marsden solution that can be used to meet the 2016 container weighing legislation, call us on 01709 364296.