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3 Reasons To Weigh Your Pallets

3 reasons to weigh your pallets

There’s one way you can guarantee that what’s going out of your warehouse or factory is going out in the right quantities: by weighing it.

Of course, you can count what’s on an outgoing pallet, but a simple weighing of the pallet ensures that you have exactly the right number, the right size, and so on.

Weighing a pallet with, say, a pallet truck scale is quick and easy, and making sure what leaves your business and goes to a customer is correct keeps your brand’s reputation intact, and avoids any expensive rectifying.

Having dealt with hundreds of businesses over the years who use pallet truck scales (or pump truck scales as they’re also known) or other weighing solutions to check the weight of their outgoing goods, we’ve listed three reasons why pallet weighing is an essential part of shipping products from your warehouse or factory.

1. You can ensure nothing was stolen en-route to the customer

No business is blind to the fact that goods can be stolen at some point between leaving your premises and arriving at its destination.

From previously recording the weight when it was leaving, you can defend your brand's reputation by showing that you are not at fault as the full amount left your establishment. Therefor a customer will know that you fulfilled your role.

2. You can verify the pick list weight against the scale’s reading

It’s likely you’ll know how much each product should weigh, and from that, you can work out how much a pallet’s worth of that product should weigh. Most companies will have weights listed for each item on their computer database.

Popping a pallet truck scale under the pallet is a quick and easy way to do a final check of the weight, and make sure every item is on the pallet as it should be. When how much a pallet should weigh is compared to the actual weight of the pallet on the scale it helps show if there is anything missing that is not noticeable to the naked eye.

3. It’ll make you aware of any variations between loads

If you’re sending out goods day in, day out that will generally be the same weight each time, a quick weight check of the pallets with a pump truck scale before it leaves will allow you to flag up any variations between each load.

Again, it ensures you’re not sending out more product than you should, and it means the customer is still getting what they’re paid for. If there is any variation from load to load, of course, that will then need investigating!

Marsden’s pallet truck scale solutions provide quick and easy pallet weighing. Each of the pump trucks in our range, the PT-100, PT-200 and the PT-400 stainless steel pallet truck scale have a 2000kg capacity weight load, are highly accurate at pallet weighing (with graduations to the nearest 0.5kg or 500g) and come with rechargeable batteries as standard for the weight indicator.

All three pallet truck scales have a built-in overload protection - just in case those pallets aren’t quite the right weight! The PT-600 has a built-in thermal tally roll printer showing nett weight and tare weight.

Our pump truck scales start from £595 and are available to order online by clicking here.