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What is my BMI?

What is my BMI?

What is my BMI? A question likely asked by many a visitor to your surgery, health centre, gym or club.

BMI (Body Mass Index) can be calculated using many of the medical scales in the Marsden range, or, of course, it can be done manually if you know your height and weight. It’s quite easy to calculate using most Marsden scales if you have one.

However, we felt that those who want to calculate their BMI may want a bit of explanation behind what it is, and what it means. High BMI has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and asthma - so it’s important that a healthy rating is maintained.

Our free A3 poster download is an infographic - which means it can brighten up your walls - and also inform in an engaging way, helping to spread awareness of what BMI is, what it has been linked to, and encouraging those who see the poster to be that little bit healthier.

The free poster also has a quick guide to calculating your BMI using Marsden’s column scales, the M-100 and M-110. Both of these scales are great for calculating BMI - and it's even easier if you choose the optional height measure.

To download our free infographic poster, simply click the link below, then right-click to print the poster or to save to your computer.

BMI functions can be found on many scales across the Marsden range, both on scales with height measures and those without height measures - of course, for those medical scales without a height measure, the height of the patient needs to be added manually.

Another medical scale with this function and available with a height measure as an option is the MBF-6010 Body Composition Scale. BMI can be calculated on this scale along with body fat, body water, fat free mass and more.

If you have any questions at all about calculating BMI using our medical scales, just contact us here. Download the poster here, Marsden BMI Infographic Poster.