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World Records for the Heaviest Pets

World Records for the Heaviest Pets

Everybody loves pets, but these owners got a little more than they were expecting when their pets grew to be world record holders for the heaviest pets and the biggest of their breeds!

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Darius – The Big Bunny

Darius weighs in at a whopping 22kg and is officially the world's biggest rabbit. This big bunny sets his owner back around £5000 annually dining on 2,000 carrots and 700 apples a year! Darius also has some competition as his son Jeff is a close second to his World record title.

Darius the world's biggest bunny

Find out more about Darius in the video below:

Big Jake – The World’s Tallest Horse

Named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s tallest horse back in 2010 and 2011, Big Jake has achieved fame across the globe towering over his owner at 82.75 inches tall!
He’s also pretty heavy too, weighing in at almost 1200kg! The horse from Wisconsin used to take part in show competitions but has recently retired at the age of 17.

Big Jake the world's tallest horse

Ulric – The Fat Cat

The Norwegian forest cat breed usually weighs between 3 and 8kg; however, big Ulric weighs in at a whopping 14kg! Thought to be one of the largest cats in Britain, Ulric’s health has been a concern and the massive moggy now has the support of a puppy ‘personal trainer’ and pal to help him get back into shape!

Ulric the world's fattest cat

Goldie - The Giant Goldfish

Goldie the mega Goldfish from Kent was bought for less than a £1 back in the late 90s. In 2008 he measured 15 inches long, 5 inches wide and weighed a whopping 1kg!

Goldie the giant goldfish

Sammy - The Thundering Tortoise

African tortoise Sammy from San Francisco weighs 52kg and has been officially recognised as one of the world’s largest pets. Sammy’s other claim to fame is his owner, Colin Kaepernick, is a professional American Football quarterback who played six seasons for the San Francisco 49ers. Sammy loves munching on fresh clovers, apples and other green goodies.

Sammy the world's biggest tortoise
Gary – The Colossal Capybara

Gary, the capybara, has been identified as the world’s largest pet rodent and weighs 51kg. Although the breed is usually found in South America, big Gary lives the dream in Texas swimming in his owner’s pool, and playing with his fellow family pets.

Gabby the world's biggest capybara

Giant George – The Great Dane

Standing tall at 43-inches tall and weighing 111kg, Giant George the Great Dane has starred on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Live with Regis & Kelly. He held two Guinness World Records for both the tallest living dog and the tallest dog ever beating the previous record-holder Titan by three-quarters of an inch. Unfortunately, Giant George, from Arizona, passed away at age seven in 2013.

Giant George the world's tallest dog

Hexxie – The Biggest Burmese Python

Weighing at a hefty 110kg, Hexxie who lives with her owner in a terrace house in the Cotswolds’ town of Tewkesbury measures in at more than 18 feet and is still growing! Thought to be the biggest Python in the world, Hexxie could easily swallow a human whole although her owner insists, she’s a big softie and has made appeals in the past for people to donate rabbits for her lunch instead!

Hexxie the world's biggest burmese python

Zorba – The Massive Mastiff

Great Danes may hold the record for the tallest dogs in existence, but the English Mastiff breed holds the title for the heaviest. At a record-breaking 155.5kg, Zorba the English Mastiff from London was recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest and longest dog in the world in 1989. Sadly, Zorba passed away aged 8 and is no longer included in the records.

Since then another English Mastiff called Hercules took the title in 2001 for the official largest dog in the world, weighing in at 128kg with a 38-inch neck. Kell, an English Bull Mastiff from the UK, is now recognised as the world’s heaviest dog, but not the largest, weighing in at 130kg. His owner has since revealed Kell requires around 45kg of beef and numerous gallons of goat’s milk each week to maintain his heavy build.

Zorba the world's heaviest dog

Bandit – The Whopping Raccoon

At 34kg, Bandit the whopping raccoon is the largest the world has ever seen and has since gained popularity as “The worlds fattest raccoon”. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Bandit suffered from an early thyroid problem, resulting in his incredible weight gain.

Bandit the world's fattest raccooon

Zeus – The Great Great Dane

Taking the title from Giant George by an inch, Zeus, the Great Dane from Michigan, was 3ft 7in tall, was awarded the Guinness World Book of Records world’s tallest Canine in 2012 and 2013. Zeus’s enormous height meant he preferred to drink from the kitchen tap and sit with his owners on the sofa. Unfortunately, Zeus passed away from old age in 2014, his successor Freddy, a Great Dane from Essex now holds the title standing at 3ft 4.75 inches despite being the runt of the litter as a puppy!

Zeus the world's tallest canine

Stewie – The World’s Longest Cat

The Maine Coon Cat breed is known as the ‘gentle giant’ of the cat universe, and Stewie from Nevada was no exception. The huge feline from Nevada measured in at a record-breaking 123 cm back in 2010 and earnt the title of the world’s longest cat from the Guinness Book of Records and is yet to be defeated. Named after the Family guy character, Stewie achieved world-wide fame before sadly passing away in 2013 after 8-year battle with cancer.

Stewie the world's longest cat

Image Credits - Hexxie the Burmese Python, Sammy the Tortoise & Bandit the Raccoon, Ulric the Cat, Goldie the Goldfish, George the Great Dane, Zeus the Great Dane, Gary the Capybara, Big Jake the Horse, Zorba the Dog, Darius the Bunny, Stewie the Cat.

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