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A Year Since Our Queen's Award Win!

A Year Since Our Queen's Award Win!

In 2018 we launched the revolutionary Patient Transfer Scale. A device created by an NHS Nurse to improve patient outcomes, allow healthcare professionals to obtain accurate weights and to reduce door to needle time. Within mere months of the products initial launch, we observed the positive difference that the Patient Transfer Scale can make to clinical environments. With encouragement from the NHS Trusts which we partner with, we submit the Patient Transfer Scale for a number of awards, many of which we were fortunate enough to win.

In 2020, one of our partners mentioned that the Patient Transfer Scale would be a fantastic candidate for the Queens Award for Enterprise within the Innovation category. The application for the Queens Award was incredibly challenging and the waiting period which followed was lengthy. So much so that we thought that our application was unsuccessful. However, in March of 2021, we received the fantastic news that we were the winners of the prestigious award within the Innovation category. We read the email numerous times to ensure that we were understanding it correctly as it was such big and exciting news for Marsden as a company.

We were finally able to announce our Queens Award win in April of 2021 after a brief postponement due to the passing of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in early April. Until that point, the news of our good news had to be kept under wraps from all Marsden employees, our dealer and customer network and the general public. Naturally, we wanted to shout the news from the rooftops, so when launch date finally approached, we made sure to inform everybody of this prestigious award win.

A number of months after the news of our Queens Award win was announced, we welcomed the Lord Lieutenant for South Yorkshire into our office for the official handover ceremony. The day was highly anticipated by all Marsden employees and the Lord Lieutenant certainly did not disappoint. During the ceremony, we heard the history of the Queens Award, the significance of the accolade to the local community and a number of anecdotes regarding the Lord Lieutenants position. The day was full of happiness, laughter and enjoyment.

Since our Queens Award win, we have been overjoyed with the outpouring of encouragement and well-wishes from our customers, dealer network and the general public. The amazing accolade has helped Marsden reach new customers overseas, strengthen our existing relationship with customers and network with a broad range of companies which we otherwise would not have connected with.

It is hard to believe that we are now approaching the year anniversary of our Queens Award win. We look forward to submitting another application in the coming years!