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Marsden V-22 Finds A Home At Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

V-22 finds a home at Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

For weighing small animals, the Marsden V-22 is the ideal vet scale. Here you can see the V-22 demonstrated in a veterinary surgery, or read here about how we donated twelve of these veterinary scales to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Now, as this case study explains, it has helped to improve the efficiency and procedures of an animal sanctuary.

The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary rescues and rehomes over 500 animals in the area every year, so have helped over 25,000 animals since opening in 1967. This year, the sanctuary needed a new scale for weighing their cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs, and following recommendation, turned to the Marsden V-22 - as General Manager Iain Atkins explains.


“Our animal sanctuary currently has over 150 animals that need to be weighed,” Iain told us. “We needed a scale to weigh our cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs, and following recommendation from our vet, we chose the V-22.”

Spotting health problems

With a 20kg capacity and graduations to 5g it is ideal for weighing small pets with a pinpoint accuracy. This makes it perfect for the small animals that needed weighing at Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary - and, particularly, helps track health and growth in those animals.

“The fine accuracy allows us to spot small changes in the health of the animals, so it will be used for monitoring and diagnosing health problems.”

Improved efficiency

Iain concluded, “The V-22 has made a big difference to Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary. The scale is very easy to use, and it has contributed to improving the quality of our procedures and overall improving efficiency.”

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