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Well Built Bench Scale Best For Bottling

Well Built Bench Scale For Best Bottling

The Marsden HSS is a versatile bench scale which is suited to many environments. On this page you can see how it was right at home at Billingsgate Fish Market, London accurately weighing seafood. But as Mark Hammond explains, it’s also the ideal solution for weighing in a bottling plant.

Edwin Holden’s Bottling are a West Midlands-based organisation, established in 1943 and provide a variety of services to the brewing and drink industries. Their services include bulk haulage, beer processing, contract bottling, as well as offering their large storage facilities to hold products at ambient temperatures.

Practical and well built

When Edwin Holden's Bottling needed a new weighing scale for their filtration department, they went on recommendation and came to Marsden; but why was the HSS Bench Scale chosen? Operations director Mark explains, “We needed something practical and well built that would be suitable for weighing processing powders in a production environment.”

The scale is IP65 rated - making it splash proof - and made of stainless steel meaning it can be easily cleaned. Powered by rechargeable batteries, the scale is also portable.


Mark continued, “Fundamentally the scale is robust, user-friendly and the display is clear.” The large display makes monitoring from afar easy and the remote indicator is very to use. The scale includes full range Tare to deduct the weight of unwanted additions from the weight total, such as the weight of boxes or containers. Preset Tare and counting functions are also included.


“The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) highly recommended the HSS as well as other Marsden products,” Mark told us. “We feel it is a good piece of kit. It’s very reliable.”

More accurate and faster

The HSS is available with a choice of capacities, graduations and dimensions, and Mark was delighted with the difference it has made to the business: “It’s improved the accuracy in the weighing of powder for processing; it has also made the process faster.”

Take a look at the HSS bench scale here.

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