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Drive Thru Helps Drivers Ensure Safe Load Weights

Drive thru helps drivers ensure safe load weights

Marsden’s range of drive thru platform scales means a loaded pallet truck can simply be rolled onto the scale to get a weight for the pallet.

Marsden has a range of drive thru platform scales, but the Marsden DT is an affordable drive thru scale can be fully customised to your needs. With a choice of indicators, capacities and graduations available, there should be one that suits your weighing needs.

Family-run retailer Gee Tee’s stock thousands of items at their warehouse in Wigan, Lancashire. They needed a scale to weigh roll cages and pallets, before they are loaded into wagons or vans, and shipped to customers. We spoke to Jonathan Twist from Gee Tee’s to find out why the DT-I-100 was the best solution for their weighing needs.

Very helpful advice

Jonathan told us, “We needed a scale to weigh our roll cages and pallets when loading our own 7.5 tonne wagons and 3.5 tonne van.

“We’d never had a weighing scale, so it was essential that we received the right advice to ensure we ended up with the correct product.

“We considered alternatives, but when we spoke to Marsden we were advised very helpfully when we called to ask our questions.”

Easy to use

The DT-I-100 includes two ramps with a shallow incline, which allow pallet trucks to pass over it with ease. The scale is low profile at only 45mm high, meaning it is very easy to load.

The scale includes Zero, Tare, Preset Tare and Counting functions. Readings are displayed on the large, LCD backlit I-100 display.

Jonathan added, “The simplicity of both installation and use have been particularly useful to us.”

Safe delivery ensured

The scale weighs accurately, with graduations to 0.2kg available – so Gee Tee’s can feel reassured that their vehicles are not overloaded.

“The scale ensures that we are delivering safely to our stores and wholesale customers.

“The after sales service we received from Marsden was very much appreciated,” Jonathan concluded. “This model fitted our needs perfectly.”

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