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M-540 As A Portable Fitness Scale

M-540 Stand On Scale - Personal Fitness Scale

When we first introduced the Marsden M-540 Floor Scale, it was intended as a low-cost floor scale for GP surgeries, health centres and pharmacies.

However, with our digital scales increasingly becoming popular in gyms and leisure centres (see the M-150 and M-430 as great examples of gym scales) the M-540 has become a popular floor scale for fitness and sports-related weighing.


Enter Vega Fitness, a personal training service covering Kent and Surrey in south-east England. As part of the service Vega provides to the clients they visit at home, a portable weighing scale is required both during the initial stages of the client assessment and then periodically for fitness tests to track each client’s progress.

Therefore, a fitness scale is required that will fit in the back of a car, is easy to use and can be battery powered in case there’s no nearby power supply.

Charlotte Johnson, who uses the M-540 on a daily basis as Vega Fitness, says: “Scales enable me and my clients to establish any changes that need to be made as their programme progresses as well as identify a starting point when they first join.

Charlotte says, when looking for a suitable portable scale for this purpose, she compared a number of options.

“The information available on the Marsden website meant I could compare models easily since all the information was in front of me. I could review all of the product manuals and technical details straight away and in some cases watch videos of the product being demonstrated.”

Class III approved

A benefit of choosing Marsden was that the scales Charlotte could chose from were all Class III approved, yet were still within what Charlotte wanted to pay.

“I could decide on a budget and still get a great quality product which does exactly what I need it to do. With other providers I visited this was not always the case. All the Marsden scales are Class III approved and for various price budgets meaning I could get a quality product without spending a fortune.”

So how has Charlotte found using the M-540 Floor Scale on a regular basis?

“The M-540 has a base level which I have found extremely useful. I can immediately see if the scales are offset and adjust the feet to balance it out. I have the option for a battery operation or mains operation as well, which again makes it particularly flexible when travelling around. I was also able to purchase a carry case which keeps them well protected when transported.”

Charlotte also says that the features available with the M-540 meant that it was a no-brainer when compared with the competition - there were all the features she’d need but none that wouldn’t be used, whereas with other brands the only options were spending more, but getting many features that would never be used.


And finally, how has Vega Fitness benefitted from using the portable M-540 as a digital health and fitness scale?

“Having good quality equipment is a key part of the service I provide and pride myself on, but I also need to have trust in my equipment. The scales are professional quality in appearance and knowing that they are engineered to a high standard of accuracy gives me and my clients that trust in them. I am able to monitor the slightest weight changes in a client, which is a good motivational tool, and calculate BMI at the same time.”

Unfortunately the M-540 Floor Scale here is no longer available. View our range of floor scales here - or get in touch today.