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Trade Approved JPL is Ideal For Selling Cheese Based on Weight

Trade Approved JPL ideal for selling cheese based on weight

Marsden’s range of price computing scales are Trade Approved so goods can be sold when their price is based on the weight. Marsden retail scales are perfect for front of shop, and are used by butchers, bakers, fishmongers and more. All Marsden retail scales are battery powered, many can store weight and price information via PLUs, and waterproof options are available.

The Jadever JPL is one of our most popular price computing scales. Used predominantly by small shops and market traders, the scale is also used by fish markets (as this video explains) and as this case study will explain, is an ideal choice for cheese producers, too.

Strathearn Cheese Co is a cheese making business based near Comrie in Perthshire, Scotland. Drew Watson and Pierre Leger created the business in 2016 with the aim of producing exciting artisan cheeses, using a network of local suppliers. They needed a Trade Approved weighing scale to ensure their products met a declared weight of 250g. They went for the JPL, and we spoke to founder, Pierre, to find out what made it stand out.

Government stamped scale

“Strathearn Cheese Co is an artisan cheesemaking business, producing two cheeses,” Pierre began. “Both are individual size and are declared at 250g and 200g.

“As we supply our cheeses to wholesalers and also sell directly to the public at farmers’ markets, we needed a set of government stamped scales (i.e. Trade Approved) to check the weight of each cheese prior to selling.”

More information about why retail scales need to be Trade Approved can be found in this blog post.

Ideal tray size

“We wrap the cheese on the tray, one at a time, checking the correct weight each time,” Pierre explained.

“The size of the tray is ideal for us to place paper and wrap the cheeses on the tray.”

The plate size is 294mm x 229mm. A choice of capacities and graduations are available; choose from 6kg x 2g or 15kg x 5g options.

Best possible price and quality

The JPL is a portable weighing solution, powered by rechargeable battery for use anywhere it is needed. It features 10 PLUs for quick access to weight and price information for saved items. Readings are shown on the clear front and back LCD displays.

“Marsden offered the best possible price and quality,” Pierre concluded.

“These scales are perfect for this operation.”

The photograph is the Strathearn being wrapped before it is sent to market. For more information on Strathearn Cheese, click here.

Unfortunately, the Jadever JPL Price Computing Scale is no longer available. Browse our full retail scales range here.

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